Many people believe that eye related problems do not occur in the early ages of a child.  Yet, you should take your child for an eye exam at regular intervals.  This is so that if they do have any eye related problems they can be detected and cured before it starts interfering with their learning.

Any child who has some sort of eye issue and thus has to wear glasses should be taken for an eye exam at least once a year.

This way you can keep a track on their eye development and then follow through by using remedial eyewear. If they do not prefer for them to wear glasses, you can get them contact lenses.

Even if your children don’t have eyesight problems, that doesn’t mean their eyes are perfect. They may still have other eye related diseases or infections which may go unnoticeable if they don’t have any clear symptoms.

Whether they need it or not, your children should be taken for an eye exam at least annually so that you can rest assured that there are no eye diseases or infections present.

Following are some of the reasons why you should take your child for an eye exam even if they look fine.

Visual sharpness

If your child wears glasses, you should get his/her prescription checked regularly so that you can be sure of their visual sharpness or acuity. General causes of over or under alteration of their prescription are headaches and fatigue. With the increase in technology, the young generation is very much attracted to different types of gadgets. With the increasing use of computers and laptops, they may develop an eye condition that is known as computer vision syndrome (CVS).

This condition has a number of symptoms including burning eyes, focusing difficulties, tired eyes, headaches, dry eyes, eye strain, double vision, aching eyes, light sensitivity, neck and shoulder pain and blurred vision. Such a condition is treated with custom-made eyeglasses for computer users. Or if you prefer wearing contact lenses, then you can go for focus dailies optical lenses.

Possibility of an Eye Disease

As mentioned earlier, some eye diseases do not have clear symptoms. As children are exposed to heat and dust, while they are attending their schools, their eyes get affected easily by the dust. It may cause burning eyes or eye irritation. Furthermore, if they have any type of injury on or around the eye, they should undergo an eye examination to check whether their eyes were affected by the injury or not. If your child is diabetic, diabetic retinopathy may develop in their eyes. Nevertheless, for a healthy vision, early detection of such eye diseases is essential.   

Covering one eye

If your child is covering one of his/her eyes while reading or watching television, he/she is merely shutting the one that has a poorer vision. It can also be because of double vision or a more serious problem like a cataract. This means that the child has a problem of vision in one of his/her eyes. If this problem is not corrected, the child will face increasing the risk of developing amblyopia. 

Lack of concentration while reading

If your child skips lines or words while reading, this means he/she most likely has a vision problem. It can either be because of astigmatism or strabismus which is a problem related to the muscle of an eye.

Frequent headaches

If your child experiences frequent headaches that means he/she may have the problem of farsightedness. In order to clear the distant blurry vision, they exert extra effort which cause headaches or brow aches.

Pointing finger while reading

Now, this may be a sign of learning. However, it can also be seen as a sign of vision problem such as amblyopia. In this problem, the words or letters appear too close to each other and hence it becomes difficult to recognize and differentiate them.

Even though it may seem fine, you never know what problems your child is facing unless you get their eye exam done. Just like a medical checkup is necessary once annually, eye exams are equally important.

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