High school is an important time in the lives of all teenagers.  Our current generation of teenagers want to change the world.  With all the information and choices available, teens can get confused about who they are and what their mission is in life.

Trying to understand their own strengths, interests and skills can be stressful. So many teens don’t have a clear path for their future career. This is where are career aptitude test can be helpful to help give students an idea of what to do after high school. When teens are unsure of what profession would be suitable for them, a high school career aptitude test is able to guide them in the right direction.  It measures their natural talents, abilities and which jobs match their personality and which careers they may have an aptitude for.

An aptitude test for students helps these adolescents feel assured that they will be happy in their professions after high school. 

In addition, the in-depth report following each career aptitude test provides recommended occupations that will suit your teen’s interests.

Some teens and adults have known since they were ten what they have wanted to do with their life; but there are others who are constantly confused and always changing their career goal.  

These career aptitude tests help your teen by:

  1. Clarifying these questions: What was I put on this earth to do? What is my mission in life?
  2. Making the process of choosing a degree program in college simpler. All students will vouch they are up for anything that makes going to college easier, making it all the more important for a college student to identify their preferences, as well as which field they are comfortable working within.
  3. Being guided towards the specific occupations that capitalize on their skill sets and interests.
  4. Picking the right college/school the first time. College or trade school is an important decision and it is natural to feel confused or even stressed.
  5. Learning what career options will be most satisfying or interesting. Individuals can then discover more about the jobs that match their results and learn the particulars of them.
  6. Assessing their own skill level, competence and interests. The tests help teens recognize the strengths they have and show them how their specific assets correspond to various professions.

These tests are not meant to restrict one’s options or express that an individual can only fare well in a specific field; they’re simply intended to aid them in finding the vocations that go with their results. There are no right or wrong answers and the test is not meant to pigeonhole a teen into one type of job. Making a decision on a career direction is a big decision. Deciding to go to college/trade school and pursue a vocation is one of the most important decisions a person will ever make, making it all the more important to choose the right career field the first time around. A large number of students are having a hard time deciding between career choices.  Finding a career aptitude test helps them narrow their choices, as well as to choose a career path that is compatible with their natural abilities.

There are career aptitude tests on the internet and some are free. The recommendation is to take two and see how they compare. It’s also useful to have a counselor or career professional review the results to give some insights on the reports and the next steps to take.

The statistics say that our teens will have many careers in their life. Career aptitude tests can be an invaluable resource to get them started in a direction that will make them happy and successful.


Jane Moughon, M.S., CPCJane Moughon, M.S. is CEO and Founder of Directions for Teens. She is a former professional recruiter, taught career development and is a Teen Career Coach.  Directions for Teens helps children along the path from middle school to career by offering classes, coaching and career compatability assessments.

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