Steve Job’s Spirit Lives On

My question is what is the difference between you and Steve Jobs?

The difference may be not be great, but the little difference makes the big difference.

Ask any silver medalist who lost the race by a split-second. 

Jobs clearly identified his core genius and listened to his inner voice.  We all have one, but many simply don’t listen. He also emphasized that we never allow ourselves to become distracted by the expectations or loud noises made by others.  Jobs walked his talk and did “trust” his gut guidance and intuition and then with courage took the crucial step…Action. 

Jobs also expressed a sense of urgency and believed that we all must move forward when the light bulb illuminates our path that leads us to our destiny.  There is no time to waste and “timing’ is everything, not just in the Olympics, but in our emotional and financial investments as well. 

In 1985, just nine years after he created Apple, he was thrown out by his board of directors. It is not how many times we have been knocked down, but how quickly we get back up. In 1997, the company realized his genius and their mistake and did invite him back as the interim CEO.  The rest is history and the influence and impact of his innovative thinking will forever make a difference in how we communicate, work, play and live our lives.  

We all have a core genius, but most people die with the music in them, never to sing their song.

For more information on how you can discover and develop your core genius, I share these excerpts with you from my book, Why Cats Don’t Bark which will help you sharpen your intuitive intelligence and listen to your inner voice.