For many people, the ability to move into their own place is a huge accomplishment.

Often, a person goes through the first part of their life by living with parents, and in college dormitories, or similar arrangements. Demonstrate that you’re proud of how far they’ve come by preparing a housewarming gift.

Whether or not they have an official housewarming party, your efforts will be memorable, and appreciated. If you plan to just stop by with your gift, make sure that you call or e-mail them to check that it’s a good time. Although moving is something that’s usually highly anticipated, it can be stressful as well, and you wouldn’t want to embarrass your friend by arriving unannounced if they’re scurrying around trying to get things organized. 

What Should a Gift Box Include? 

While you’re evaluating items to put in your gift box, think of things that are simple, yet meaningful. For example, if the person has never had the opportunity to cook their own meals in a kitchen, they might appreciate the basic items that make it easier to whip up their favorite recipes. A set of measuring spoons, a can opener and some grilling tongs are just a few essential items that are relatively inexpensive. You can also add a few recipe suggestions by writing instructions to create your own beloved entrées or side dishes and including that in your gift. 

Candles and incense are also a welcome addition. They create a calming ambience and scent the environment in a pleasant way, too. If you’re uncertain about the types of scents that your friend would prefer, choose something with a light fragrance such as clean cotton or lavender. If you decide to go with incense, don’t forget to include an accompanying holder, and perhaps a small glass plate to prevent the incense ashes from falling directly onto nearby surfaces. 

Also, think about ways to help your friend keep their new place organized. An envelope holder lets them keep bills and other important mailings within easy reach, while a small whiteboard lets them make grocery lists on-the-fly. 

An Introduction to the Local Area 

If a friend’s new home is located in an entirely new place; give them something to help them become familiar with nearby activities. Type up a sheet of your favorite restaurants, shops and other appealing area attractions. You could even include a gift card or some coupons to encourage your friend to check out the options sooner. 

It’s also a good idea to include some information about local facts or folklore within your gift box. These are not only interesting, but also allow a new resident to competently carry on conversations with people in the town who have been living there for a long time. No one likes to feel like a fish out of water, but when your friend has access to some crucial information about the place they now call home, they’ll feel much more at ease. 

Finally, if you’d consider yourself to be a local expert, give your friend some contact information and let them know to feel free to give you a call or send you an e-mail if they have any questions.  With the gift box ideas above, you’ll be able to show your friend all the best parts of their new location, and help them feel fully equipped in their new abode. 

Jeff Dalby writes for several craft and family sites. Check out for great packaging ideas for gifts.

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