Organized CalendarA calendar can give you a headache if it’s disorganized. Even if you are not a super organized individual, there are several tips to keep your schedule organized.

Make Use of Multiple Calendars

Busy people who want better organization of their personal calendars need to consider more than one calendar to record appointments, events, and memos. The easiest way to organize is creating a managed system of important calendar information.

Most cell phones and smart phones offer apps with calendars and reminders. This may not always be sufficient and it isn’t a failsafe against forgotten appointments and dates. This is particularly true if phones are lost or temporarily misplaced. Use a large rewritable, erasable wall calendar that allows dates and notes to be added.

A handy desk calendar at the office or home is another good way to organize your personal calendar. By using a large wall calendar in combination with your phone calendar and desk calendar, a three-level calendar system is created that reduces disorganization and errors. 

Your Calendar System Is Your Security

If there is one stress that can easily be avoided it’s a concern over managing a calendar of dates, events and appointments. With an organized calendar system, you quickly transfer information from a phone calendar to your wall and desk calendar. Never again will an appointment, a special birthday or business meeting be missed. That’s a relief that can leave free time available for fun and special interests. 

A Three-Level Calendar System – Efficient and Organized

Before the advent of phone and computer calendars, businesses used the three-level calendar system to insure their most important meetings and appointments were efficiently organized. The office manager or secretary entered data in the executive’s daily calendar, desk calendar and wall calendar.

In businesses with large staffing and constant client meetings, this was a necessity to avoid chaos and confusion. In dental businesses, for example, computer applications, cell phone calendars and contact databases keep track of calendars, mailings, appointments, dental cards and personal information in a multi-tasking operation that’s interactive with other business applications. Yet, all it takes is a single occurrence of computer down time to make important calendar data unavailable. This shows how important it is to have backup in an organized three level calendar system. 

Lyndsi is a blogger and business owner. Currently she is promoting dentist marketing. Lyndsi enjoys kayaking and walking her dog Charlie. 

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