Halloween Actually Can Improve Math Skills…Scary Thought!!!

Boo!!! Halloween is upon us…And…you know what that means…plenty of ghosts, goblins, witches, and princesses! Your child is chomping at the bit to find a great Halloween costume and then go Trick or Treating…or go to the Halloween Party…or to the Haunted House. So how can you take advantage of that excitement and turn it into an opportunity to improve math skills?

Improve Math Skills Activity

The post trick-or-treating improve math skills family activity… When your kids get home have them sort their treats. You can have them sort the treats in a variety of ways and even keep track of the different ways on a sheet of graph paper. For example: o The candy they like vs the candy they don’t like o Round vs square vs rectangular pieces candy (shape) o Candy with sticks o Candy with orange wrappers, red wrappers, brown wrappers, silver wrappers, etc o Size of the candy o Divide the candy up into portions for each day … two or three pieces a day

Why Do These Types of Improve Math Skills Family Activities?

I’m sure you are aware that mathematical concepts are those basic skills that lay the foundation for current and future learning in math. The ability to sort and categorize items is critical to learning math concepts. The action of sorting objects in different ways helps you to classify objects. You learn that objects can often be classified in different ways. For example candy by itself is one classification. Red candy is another. Soft candy and hard candy are two more categories. Ultimately the ability to classify items even if the items you are classifying is candy improves your ability to do math.

Other math concepts that are enhanced by this activity: Comparing (greater than and less than) One-to-one correspondence Spatial relationships Addition (when you get another piece) Subtraction (when you eat a piece) Everywhere you go in the world, whether at home, at school, or out in nature you will find patterns. Math is build upon patterns.

So, one way to improve your math skills is to become more aware of the patterns around you. In the world of mathematics there are patterns, geometric shapes (circles, squares, etc.), comparisons (greater than, less than, equal to), and classifications or sets (numbers divisible by two, prime numbers, etc.). The more you become aware of these concepts the easier math will be for you! So…enjoy your treats, but do something with them besides just eating them…and most of all…have fun!

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