What if your child or students realized they could learn their spelling words in half the time with the simple strategy in the new book Spelling Made Easy?

Is your child writing their spelling words ten times each and getting low grades in spelling? Do you wish there was another way make spelling easy?

There is. Spelling bee champions use the same visual picture strategy in spelling made easy learn your words in half the time to win spelling bees. When asked what they do the answer is always the same -they see pictures of the word in their mind.

Phonics does not help much when learning to spelling most words in English because so many words are spelled differently than they sound. And while rules can be helpful, there are endless numbers of them. Therefore, the step by step visual strategy in Spelling Made Easy:Learn Your Words in Half the Time is exactly the prescription that your child needs and Pat Wyman provides.

Your child will learn how to use all three learning styles as they are learning their words and then rely on the visual picture image of the word during their studies and test taking time. Neurosicence shows that recalling images is infinitely faster than hearing the words or trying to get a “feel” for how they are spelled. The visual recall strategy is truly spelling made easy.

 Spelling Made Easy

One parent review on Amazon said that she Spelling Made Easy and got immediate results.

Her child went from F to A’s using Spelling Made Easy.

Another said the strategy inside  Spelling Made Easy was spot on and it have made all the difference in his grades when he was in school.

“Spelling is a highly visual skill,” notes Wyman. “A+ spellers see the word in their mind and use that strategy exclusively – they can’t possibly use phonics because so many words in the English language at least do not sound as they are spelled,” she continued.

As one reviewer said -no matter the cost, (which is less than a coffee and muffin, this book is priceless! Imagine what it does for a child’s self-esteem to get high spelling grades week after week with a simple, yet effective spelling success system like Spelling Made Easy.

Author Pat Wyman is America’s Most Trusted Learning Expert, best selling author of Spelling Made Easy: Learn Your Words in Half the Time, Amazing Grades ; Math Facts Made Easy: Learn All Your Facts in HALF the Time and Vocabulary Made Easy: Learn New Words in Half the Time. She is also the founder of HowToLearn.com and a college professor.