From purchasing textbooks and supplies to stocking up on favorite snack foods, college students across the country are starting up another school year and they can use these ten websites you’ll need to make it through college to help. With that in mind, CengageBrain, the premier destination for purchasing discount college textbooks, has compiled a list of 10 websites for college. 

  1. WebMDFast-track your health questions with WebMD, a site that includes a symptom checker, pharmacy information, physician blogs and more. Though you should visit an on-campus doctor or the health center for serious issues, WebMD provides a wealth of information for college students that need health checks fast! 
  1. Questia:  A sister company of CengageBrain, Questia is the premier online research and paper writing tool for students, providing students with the Web’s online research and paper writing tool right at their fingertips! Cite sources with confidence as each book, journal and newspaper article is hand-selected by professional librarians, and take advantage of tools that help you quote and create your bibliography with ease. 
  1. Spotify:  A music streaming service that offers access to millions of songs, Spotify is a subscription-based service that allows users to choose a plan that best fits their needs.  Newly signed-up users can enjoy a free 6 month trial period and the flexible “Unlimited” and “Premium” plans remove additional advertisements so listeners can enjoy their music interruption-free. 
  1. Mint: For those that struggle with keeping their money in line, is the perfect solution. With personal finance tools and calculators, you’ll get the support you need to stay on track financially. Track your spending and monitor online banking to ensure those late night food purchases don’t sneak up on you. 
  1. SparkNotes: Originally created by college students themselves, SparkNotes provides short hand notes and study guide outlines in a variety of subjects and topics.  In addition, the literary website offers non-education based subject matter as well, including blogs and advice columns for college students living away from home.   
  1. STA TravelAs one of the premier sites for student travel, STA helps students secure great rates on flights, hotels and hostels. The site also offers information and helpful tips for those that plan to travel abroad, as well as trip planning tools for all of your travel needs. 
  1. EverNote: EverNote allows students to save ideas, access notes on any device and search via keywords, tags or even texts—a college student’s dream! With EverNote’s ability to combine multiple notes and pictures from various sources, it’s great for group presentations and projects. 
  1. With, students can learn about the sometimes confusing process of financial aid, as well as find money for their college experience. In addition to allowing students to search for more than 2.7 million scholarships, the site’s College Matchmaker helps prospective students find their perfect educational fit. 
  1. DropboxWhether you’re sharing files and notes with a classmate or simply looking to transfer your materials from one device to another, DropBox is a wonderful free resource that takes the place of pesky flash drives. The online storage utility allows you to upload and access your files anywhere the free DropBox application is installed. 
  1. Prezi: Prezi, a cloud-based software, allows students to take their presentations to the next level with a “zoomable” canvas. The free version of Prezi allows users to access core features and 100 MB of storage space, while additional versions are available for a small monthly fee.

Cengage Learning is a leading provider of innovative teaching, learning and research solutions for the academic, professional and library markets worldwide. Questia, part of Cengage Learning, is the web’s premier online collection of copyrighted fiction and non-fiction books, academic journals, and research periodicals for students; with integrated tools for note taking, organizing research, citing sources, creating footnotes, and building bibliographies to help students write better research papers faster. They compiled this list of the 10 websites for college. For more information, visit or

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