The use of technology in its various forms is no stranger to the education system.

Numerous products have been designed to make the learning experience more efficient and the students more involved. These days almost every privileged household owns either a smart phone or iPad/Tablet device. Instead of just going to the library for research and learning children now have the world’s knowledge in their possession by just the click, or should we say ‘touch’ of a button.

Developers in the education sector are very focused on creating the best mobile technology for students to use in and out of school. A game on the iPad might just be a learning tool in disguise, so this is a great way of incorporating learning with fun. Let us take a look at some of the best mobile application of schools.

Astrid is mainly a to-do list application that can be used to monitor what still needs to be done. The student can make a list of homework that needs to be done or even chores around the house. In the classroom students can work in groups since Astrid enables you to delegate specific tasks to certain individuals. The application also has the features of adding to-do list with your voice, email or setting activities that needs to be done on repeat with a calendar function.

This application is like your go-to guide for all your questions relating to mathematics, language, demographics, conversions, chemistry, physics and more. Downloading this application would be ideal when you are in a self study situation and don’t have someone to ask. You might even be able to answer a few questions that your teachers aren’t able to.

If you struggle to focus in class or miss some of the main parts of the lectures, why not record it. This way you will be able to revise the lessons or revisit parts that you have missed. The Hi_Q voice recorder application is ideal for this task and you can even choose according to which bitrate you want to record the lesson. The recording can them be saved on your SD card, sent via Bluetooth or sent as an email. The application also informs you how much memory space you have left as well as how large the current recording is.

If you are looking for a photo editing application for the students the Pixelmator is the best and cheapest application for the Mac based products. Even though the system is not based on the Adobe Photoshop features and keyboard shortcuts this application has everything you need when it comes to editing images. It even has the feature to sync your files on the iCloud and share your images on social networks.

For all your organization needs Remarks is one of the best applications for note making. This application allows you to combine text, images, audio clips as well as handwritten notes. These notes can then all be synced with Dropbox and Google Docs and the notes can be opened in PDF format. This applications also gives you the option to categories these notes according to your various classes and particular topics or themes.

Attachments can be emailed from the application and you can highlight and share the notes with others.

These are just a few of a world of applications you can choose from to enhance and better your learning experience. Through the use of technology you are now able to write and edit notes on digital platforms, edit images for projects in class, record your lectures on a high quality app to listen to it at home, double check your answers to tough questions and create to-do list to stay on top of your activities. Learning opportunities in combination with your mobiles are endless. By making use of all these various application you can simplify your learning process and focus on the actual work instead of trying organize it all.

These days most popular applications are developed to function on two different operating systems, namely Andriod and iOs. Invest in a smartphone or iPad/Tablet to download all these applications and more.

Dan Sallai studies education and is an enthusiastic supporter of online class development.

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