Lifelong learning or LLL refers to independent and self motivated learning.

The individual is motivated or has the urge to further their knowledge and studies in a particular field for personal or professional reasons. Lifelong learning introduces the fact that learning is not something that is time or classroom limited. One can develop your skills and knowledge throughout your life.

In today’s day and age is easier than ever to gain knowledge and expertise at reputable institutions as well as through online learning programs. The digital age allows for Lifelong learning to more effective than ever.

If you have access to the internet you can do a basic search about learning opportunities available in your respective fields. It is understandable that some courses have practical elements so keep this in mind if you are researching a self study home course.

How to get started

You don’t have to be an internet expert or avid learning to become a lifelong learner. Don’t think of it as going back to school and gaining knowledge in fields that don’t interest you. You now have the chance to learn more about subjects and fields that you actually care about. Do you want to learn a new language or better your memory skills? All these options are just a click away.

Get started by making a list of hobbies or fields of interest. Think about your life goals and what you still want to achieve. If you don’t want to spend money you can opt for a free online course. In the digital age almost every educated individual has access to the internet, these online courses will allow you to finish your studies in an allocated time and will even send you email to remind you or your commitment and due dates. What makes it even better is that you can join an online community of individuals with the same goals.

Tools for Lifelong Learning

This site lists over 500 options for courses that you can complete on the internet for free. Whatever your interest you can further your knowledge from Architecture to Zoology. 

If you want to know what is going on in the world around you and what the main stories are all over the world; visit this site. This way you can stay up to date with the trending topics all over the world without having to stay glued to the television. 

The open source course management system, Moodle is becoming a strong leader in the field on education. You don’t have to pay to use the software and it’s equipped with all the functions and educational CMS that you need. Moodle is being used by major universities all over the country and enables you to join the online learning community. 

If you dreaded making notes in class and couldn’t keep up with the readings, this does not have to be a problem anymore. Evernote allows you to save the pages and websites that you want to read later. You can categorize the content and make notes online about each article or ‘snipped’ that you saved. This way you can steer clear of the information overload that we are faced when browsing the net. 

These are just a few practical tools you can used to get started on your lifelong learning journey. In the digital age we are not limited to being masters in one specific field, the World Wide Web as well as effective communication allows us to stay informed and educated on every imaginable field. Becoming a Lifelong learner will enrich not only your life, but maybe those around you as well. By starting your lifelong learning journey you might even discover some hidden talents or passions that might enable you to change the world. 

Improve your quality and enjoyment of life by investing in knowledge. Find a topic or field that is of interest to you and indulge in the knowledge that is a bottomless well. 

This guest article was written by Ashley Tumson, a recent graduate with a keen interest in using current technologies to support learning in the classroom. She is a freelance writer for Classes and Careers, a website connecting students with online colleges.