Have you ever wondered why some people have all the luck?

Well, it may not be luck but how they are hard-wired. The good news is that neuroscience has now proven that you can change your wiring to achieve your goals and experience the success you desire and deserve. 

When I was interviewing experts for my book Winning! How Winners Think – What Champions Do, I frequently asked if they believed champions were made or born and got a variety of responses from very accomplished people. My conclusion was that we must no longer think of the either-or polarity posed by the argument of nature vs. nurture, but rather that we nurture what nature has given us.

Change Your Mental Software

Our successes and fulfillments are clearly a result of how we have nurtured what our natural gifts and talents might be. The good news is that if you have self-destructive habits and self-sabotaging behaviors that are barriers to your success, with neural reconditioning techniques you can now change your mental software to achieve your goals and experience the freedom and joy that you desire.  

Are Your Habits Consistent with Your Goals?

Research indicates that 96-98% of our thought patterns, habits and behaviors are directed by the subconscious which is the part of the brain that takes action, while the conscious mind merely plans and just thinks about what we might do. Thinking about our goals is a good start but it does not get the job done. Getting results is about reprogramming your subconscious belief system to support your conscious goals which requires  rebooting your brain and reprogramming your mind to achieve success. 

If your thoughts, behaviors and actions do not match up with your internal intentions and goals, you need to reset your success thermostat.  Although will power, determination and persistence create momentum, over time they often lose their potency and do not sustain our changes because they are functions of the conscious mind. For example, how many of you have great new year’s resolutions that by February are already forgotten? You may have paid the money for your membership to the health club, but your old habits soon took control and it no longer was a priority. 

Leverage Your Brain and Master Your Mind

Although it is necessary to have clear, precise goals, it is simply not enough. Your goals and ideas must be planted into the implicit memory system in the subconscious mind for it is that part of the brain that gets us excited about our goals and sustains the excitement. The passion propels us forward and keeps the fire in our belly so we don’t revert to our old habits and beliefs. How many of you have lost weight only to have gained it all back? If weight has not been a problem, I am sure you can easily think of other habits you have successfully broken, but then found yourself back in a rut. 

In Your Vision of the World Is the Image of Yourself (Morgan)

How you define yourself and see yourself will project out into the real world, and the real world will then align itself to your expectations. Thus you must chose your thoughts wisely for that is what you will attract. 

Act It Out

Act as if you have already succeeded in your goals. Think, feel, talk and behave as if your desired behavior has become a reality for the subconscious mind does not differentiate the real from the imagined. Act the way you want to be, and you will be the way you act.  Become that to which you aspire. 

“Acting as if” is one of the best ways to rewire your brain and change a behavior. Your new actions and behaviors trick the brain into believing it is so and then manifest it.  Studies have shown that people who have been active in drama or various forms of role playing are more successful. Ronald Reagan’s skills as an actor helped him accomplish his other goals such as being president of the United States.  

Your Assignment – Action Plan

Write down three behaviors or habits you want to change.  Then write down five things that would have to happen to make each change. Put a dateline on each of the five action steps you have listed. Writing your goals down strengthens the commitment. Making your commitments a public announcement may hold you more accountable so let your friends know your ambitions. If they don’t laugh at them, you are not thinking big enough. 

Why Habits Are Hard to Break

In the next issue of The Raether Report you will learn to master the thermostat in your mind by changing your “success set-point.” I will also be giving you specific tips on how to rewire your brain by impressing your intentions into the implicit memory system in the subconscious mind. Make sure you have completed the above assignment so you can immediately apply the techniques and begin your personal transformation. 

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Don’t leave your child’s health, happiness and success to chance… Make It a Conscious Choice!

Edie Raether, M.S.,CSP, is an international speaker, success coach, and best-selling author on innovation, influence, change, optimal performance and intuitive intelligence – the other IQ.

You can visit Edie  at www.raether.com or contact her at either edie@raether.com or (704) 658-8997.

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