If your child or student is struggling with spelling test grades, would you like the top 2 ways to learn spelling words in half the time?

Does your child or student ever write their spelling words down multiple times, use them in sentences, only to not recall them during the test? Does it seem like they memorized endless grammar “rules” , used learn spelling programs and combinations of letters only to still forget some of them during the test?

On the evening before or the morning of the test, do you feel that it’s best for your child to learn spelling words by practicing them aloud with you? As it turns out this may not be the most effective learn spelling words practice.

HowToLearn.com and learning expert Pat Wyman has the solution for your child so they learn spelling words in far less time.

This is the same strategy to learn spelling that A+ spellers already use naturally and may not even be aware of it.
Ask yourself this: If my child or student knew how to learn spelling with this strategy, what would happen to their grades?
In this tiny kindle book on Amazon.com Wyman more fully explains the learn spelling strategy.
learn spelling      A+ spellers learn spelling in far less time because they know how to “see” the word in their mind. They don’t “hear” or try to sound it out, or use combination rules it because so many words, at least in the English language, are not spelled as they sound.
    So the strategy to learn spelling faster is that show your child how to make a mental snapshot of the word  in   their mind – sort of like they have an inner blackboard. As they learn spelling and during the test and their writing, they look up and simply “see” the word on their inner blackboard so they can recall it faster.
This recall strategy is long supported by neuroscience and brain based learning because it is so much faster than trying to sound out works.

So many students try and learn spelling by sounding out the words, and not only does this slow them down, it’s not very effective because many words in the English language do not sound the way they are spelled.

So the top 2 ways to learn spelling words faster and in as little as half the time are to “see” the words in your mind and be sure that you are not using the worn out technique to learn spelling by sounding out the words.
Author Thomas Armstrong says this: “I hope teachers and parents stop using worn out learn spelling techniques such as write your words down 10 times each and use this how to learn  spelling technique instead.”
Unfortunately, we try and make ways to learn spelling more complicated than they need to be. While there are specific numbers of patterns and combinations of letter rules that can be followed, the simpler and faster strategy is to do precisely what A+ spellers already do naturally and learn spelling by “seeing” the word in their mind.
You can find out more using the entire learn spelling strategy faster that includes:
  • what type of paper to write words on (not lined)
  • how to use color
  • how often to study and more…and this little kindle book is less than a cup of coffee!

Here is the kindle book, Spelling Made Easy: Learn Your Words in Half the Time! where you can get even more information on the learn spelling technique.

learn spelling
You can also use Amazon’s free app for the computer if you don’t have a kindle and simply read the book on your computer so your child can learn spelling much faster which saves you time and the nightly headache of having to write spelling words over and over again.
If you don’t have a kindle look on the right in the orange box by the book it says Available on your PC or Mac and you can use that free reader to read any kindle books. I use this all the time when at my computer.
Next tip – if your child or student is learning math facts, we’ll show you how to learn them in half the time too. Today – celebrate them as they learn spelling
pat wyman
    Pat Wyman is a college professor, reading and learning specialist and founder of HowToLearn.com, a website online since 1996 with nearly 2 million visitors a year. She invites you to take the free learning styles quiz to find out how your learn best. Wyman is known as America’s Most Trusted Learning Expert is specializes in helping kids learn everything, solves reading and learning problems, and today provides 2 excellent tips to learn spelling.