Top 2 Ways To Learn Spelling Words Faster

What if your child or students realized they could learn their spelling words in half the time with the simple strategy of the new book Spelling Made Easy?

Is your child writing their spelling words ten times each and getting low grades in spelling?

Does it seem like they memorized endless grammar “rules,” used “learn to spell,” programs and combinations of letters, only to forget some of them during the test?

Do you wish there was another way to make spelling easy?

There is.

Spelling bee champions use the same visual picture strategy in Spelling Made Easy: Learn Your Words in Half the Time to win spelling bees.

When asked what they do, the answer is always the same –

They see pictures of the word in their mind.

Sounding It Out Doesn’t Always Help

Top 2 Ways To Learn Spelling Words FasterPhonics does not help much when learning to spell most words in English because we spell so many words differently than they sound.

And while rules can be helpful, there are endless numbers of them.

Remembering them all can confuse and overwhelm students already trying to remember lists of words. and learning expert Pat Wyman has the solution for your child, so they learn spelling words in far less time and start healthy reading practices at an early age.

What Does Spelling Made Easy Have to Offer?

Top 2 Ways To Learn Spelling Words Faster

In this little Kindle book on, Wyman more fully explains the learn spelling strategy.

A+ spellers learn to spell in far less time because they know how to “see” the word in their mind.

They don’t “hear” or try to sound it out or use combination rules, because so many words, at least in the English language, don’t sound the way we spell them.

So, the strategy to learn to spell faster (which helps them read faster, too) is to show your child how to take a mental snapshot of the word in their mind –

Sort of like they have an inner blackboard.

As they learn to spell, and during the test and their writing, they look up and “see” the word on their inner blackboard so they can recall it faster.

This recall strategy is long supported by neuroscience and brain-based learning because it is so much faster than trying to sound out words.

So many students try and learn spelling by sounding out the words.

Not only does this slow them down, it’s also not very useful, because many words in the English language do not sound the way we spell them.

So, the Top 2 Ways to Learn Spelling Words Faster and in as Little as Half the Time are:

  • to “see” the words in your mind, and
  • be sure that you are not using the worn-out technique to learn to spell by sounding out the words.

Simplifying Complicated Spelling Learning Techniques

Author Thomas Armstrong says this:

“I hope teachers and parents stop using worn-out learn spelling techniques such as write your words down ten times each and use this ‘how to learn spelling’ technique instead.”

Unfortunately, we try and make ways to learn to spell more complicated than they need to be.

While there are specific numbers of patterns and combinations of letter rules to follow, the simpler and faster strategy is to do precisely what A+ spellers already do naturally –

To learn spelling by “seeing” the word in their mind.

Other Tips

Top 2 Ways To Learn Spelling Words FasterYou can find out more using the entire learn spelling strategy faster, which includes:

  • what type of paper to write words on (not lined)
  • how to use color
  • how often to study

and more.

This little Kindle book, which contains all you need to know to help your kids learn their words in half the time, costs less than a cup of coffee!

Your child will learn how to use all three learning styles as they are learning their words and then rely on the visual picture image of the word during their studies and test-taking time.

Neuroscience shows that recalling images is infinitely faster than hearing the words or trying to get a “feel” for how we spell them.

The visual recall strategy is truly spelling made easy.

Have I convinced you to give this strategy a try?

Why not attempt it and see how it helps your kids and yourself learn new words in half the time!

pat wymanPat Wyman is the CEO of and an internationally noted brain coach known as America’s Most Trusted Learning Expert. She has helped over half a million people in schools and corporations such as Microsoft, Intel and Google improve their lives with her learning strategies, learning styles inventory and courses, such as Total Recall Learning™.

Her superpower is helping people learn, read and remember everything faster. Pat is the best-selling author of more than 15 books and is also a university instructor, mom and golden retriever lover!

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