When we talk about the conveniences of the modern world, one topic that is sure to squeeze into any discussion is automation.

On this era we live in today, there is sure to be an automated something within a few feet away from us, from our dish washing appliance in the kitchen, features inside our cars and even the computing device in our pockets. Automation is one factor in this era that we cannot get away from if we expect to live the busy lives we hang onto each day. We rely on complex modern inventions to support us once we get home, on our commute and every time there is a tasks that needs to be done fast, because obviously we always are greeted by a handful of duties in our jobs leaving us spent at the end of the day.

A perfect example of such dependency is the vending machine. It represents the leaps and bounds the human race are now able to achieve with technology. Although contrary to what many people think, the vending machine has been with us for quite a while. Its invention happened a very long time ago, a couple of centuries even, I’m sure you’re surprised.

The premise behind a vending machine is actually quite simple. It accepts legal tender in exchange for goods. Yet even with that seemingly lack of complication at its basis, we can be sure that vending machines will be an invaluable part of our future – if you doubt me just watch the Jetsons!

Let me tell you now though that we don’t have to wait that far into the future to prove how important vending machines are to our society. In fact, unless you’re living under a rock you should have already sensed a revolution is happening.

There is a rapidly growing trend transpiring right before our eyes. It is the consumers’ shift towards healthy living. And you can bet that the vending machine is right smack at the middle of it. People from all corners of the world are now starting to embrace eating healthy options, thus we tend to consume food that are organic, doesn’t feed us much chemicals and fits right into a balanced diet.

Back in 2008 there was a shocking survey that revealed a third of the US population suffer from obesity. We’ve all seen it in Oprah and it might be what spurred the green and healthy revolution. The world was quick to catch on, thus the vending industry introduced healthy vending, which sprouted from their prying of what consumers have demanded.

Because of its quick turnaround, the $30 billion vending industry is projected to prosper even more from its healthy vending initiative. Vending machines from all over are being stocked with merchandise made with 100% organic ingredients, no artificial trans-fat and less of the fried products.

I’ve seen a healthy vending machine once, it had coconut juice instead of soda, fruits (apples and oranges) instead of junk food, and I’ve even heard of some that served vegetable salads!

Sunny Popali is marketing lead at vendingworld.com.  It deals in Vending machines and Food machines.


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