The rise of iPhones and iPads has also led to the birth of many apps such as the children’s book apps. This may be due to the fact that children, these days, have also become fascinated with the various gadgets that are offered both in online and offline stores. One great example of these children’s book apps is the newly released MCB Mobile Children’s Books, which are designed for iPhones and iPads. 

Children will surely be amazed of the reproductions of classic fairy tales, picture books, as well as the original stories that were well narrated in German, Russian, and English. Some of the MCB’s latest book applications also offer action and animation features to interrelate with the story. A recorder is also integrated which will allow you to make your own adaptation of the story with the parent’s consoling voice and other voices that are familiar to your child.

The Features

1. Ability to Record your Voice

Your children will surely enjoy using the personalized MCB Mobile Children’s Books because it is as if you are there reading the story to them. Parents and grandparents as well can record their voices while reading a story. Your children can listen to the voice of a loved one while at the same time viewing the colorful illustrations.

2. MBC Child Proof

Parents can disable the tool bar functions by activating the child lock feature of this app. All that is left there is for your children to just listen to the stories according to your selected settings. Also, your children will not be able to change the settings by accident or otherwise.

3. Easier Reading

You can adjust the size of the text from the standard size to larger, or even to the largest, at your choice.

4. Read the Story by yourself

 With this feature, you can surely spend some quality time with your children. Simply turn the audio off and read the story to them by yourself. You can ask questions regarding what you have read, talk about the story, or interpret the details of the colorful pictures.

5. Easy to Navigate

All of the pictures are displayed in big, identifiable thumbnails in the page overview of the MCB app. This is so in order for you to easily navigate your way to a particular page that you want. 

6. Exceptional User Experience

You can also personalize your MCB app to develop iPhone experience. You can modify the application according to your own inclinations, in the easy to use settings panel.

7. Literature for Advanced Readers

There are also longer stories that are available in MCB. They are divided into blocks, which can be checked into while the picture stays in the backdrop. This distinctive feature of this children app will keep the minds of the children occupied and may let your children to learn and improve their reading abilities.

The new interactive children book apps are very educational, convenient, and interesting. Also, they feature fascinating, colorful pictures, and can make reading easy for children. This app is also an ideal help in discovering new words, and will surely encourage children to love reading books than playing video games or watching movies.

Mason Brown is marketing lead at, which provides quality Mobile app development using advanced technologies. It is my passion to write on technology subjects, because this is the age of technology revolution.

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