All too many of us create an outer persona or “ego self” in order to cope with the fear and anxiety of day to day life.

This false identity normalizes these intense emotions, stops us from feeling anything at all, and drives us toward artificial goals of financial status and success. No one understands this better than Gregory Nicholas Malouf, a successful businessman and entrepreneur who became a workaholic at 19, earning triple figures each week, and throwing lavish parties and traveling around the world. He thought he was living the ‘perfect life’ until at age 50, his world collapsed and he realized he was living a lie.

Malouf suffered from anxiety and obsessive control disorder; two of the many addictions that had ruled his life because he had not been able to confront the truth of his past. When he wrote Silent: The Power of Silence (Morgan James Publishing) and founded Epsilon Healing Academy, he did so for those who believe what he needed to believe – YOU can release yourself from overwhelming and consuming life burdens, and YOU can access that which you truly desire and live the life you deserve.

Many of us never realize our full potential or feel joy and satisfaction because we let apprehension and outside pressures take over our lives. While we don’t want to live this way, we don’t know how to change it. Silent takes readers on an inward journey to find the all-loving place and connection to all that is—the silent connection to Self. Here you will reclaim your inherent power, change your reality, clear your vision, and open the floodgates of abundance.

Silent is the pathway to overcoming our past and provides the tools for discovering our true self so we may break old cycles and move from a life of stress, anger, anxiety, regret, financial woes, grief and feelings of unhappiness to hope, peacefulness, possibility, love, and living a life of joy and contentment.

While our circumstances may be different, at some point in life we have all wondered, “Is this as good as it gets?” Having lived a life of abuse, abandonment and addictions, Greg Malouf knows first-hand that “while none of us can change a thing about our past, we have the power within us to determine our future.”

In the spirit of Eckhart Tolle and Marianne Williamson, Malouf frankly reveals the moving story of his journey from an abusive childhood to an empty existence as a wealthy and highly successful entrepreneur ‘living the dream.’ Silent is his real account of life at its worst and the lessons he learned to transform it to life at its best.

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