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Before getting into how to choose educational fun games, let me tell you about our December holiday educational fun games bonus. The whole month of December we are having special offers on our educational fun games. This week there is an additional bonus included with The Sentence Zone Game. We are including 3 Bonus Videos valued at $150.00 to any purchasers of The Sentence Zone Game throughout December. Ever wondered how to play a game with multiple ages? The first bonus video shows you 1st, 3rd, 4th grades playing the game together and later in the video a 9th grader playing the game as part of an English lesson. The second bonus video shows you how to write poetry through the colors. Yes, you really can write poetry with colors! And the third bonus video shows you how to play/use the game for SAT Prep or other standardized test preparation. you know as well as I do those standardized test come out every spring! With educational fun games like The Sentence Zone Game your kids learn how to write sentences, learn English grammar, and improve writing skills while playing and having fun. So this holiday season, allow your kids to have fun and learn at the same time. Order your Sentence Zone Game today!

Educational FUN Games for the Holidays and Beyond!

When my kids were still in school I would often rack my brains to come up with ideas for how to keep my kids learning and having fun, not just over the holidays but year round. But as a parent during the holidays especially, just like you, I wanted to keep my kids engaged and I wanted them to have fun. The best way to do that was to take a look at educational games. So, what should you look for when choosing an educational game?

How to Look at Educational FUN Games

I want to give you a little bit of context in how I think about educational fun games and how I choose them. Let me draw a parallel to you to a great way to think about educational fun games. If I were to say to my kids what do you want for a snack, chances are they would say chips, cookies, or candy. If I were to ask them what they want to drink they would more often than not say koolaid, soda, or another sugared drink. Then I think about what I would give them for a snack if I didn’t ask them. The snack I would choose would be focused on nutrition. The snack might be a piece of cheese with an apple or almonds with a piece of fruit. That is because as a mom I’m concerned about feeding my kids healthy foods that will build their bodies. The same principle applies to how do your kids spend their time playing. When my kids are playing I want them playing a fun game but also a game that will help them to stretch their imagination and or their skills. Some games are flashy and even addictive but do little for learning or feeding kids’ curiosity or help them develop. Really great educational games can help your kids develop and grow and learn just like nutritious food does. So to avoid the glitz and get to the nutritious games, we have 10 tips to help you out.

educational fun games10 Tips for Choosing Educational FUN Games

1. What specific skills would you like to enhance – reading skills, language skills, comprehension skills, math skills, writing skills?

2. Are there multiple ways or levels of playing the game?

3. Does the game suit your child’s age and interest? Can it be played with multiple ages and learning levels?

4. Does the game provide active entertainment? Is your child just watching or is your child an active participant?

5. Does the game allow your child to make choices? The ability to make choices puts them in the ‘driver’s seat!’ This helps them to take ownership over the experience as well as cements the learning into their memory.

6. How many can play the game?

7. What time element is involved? Will the game be a 5 minute game or a 30 minute game?

8. Does the game either teach a skill or reinforce a skill?

Remember, you can play games to introduce a concept, to learn a concept, and to reinforce a concept.

9. Does the game allow your kids to create something? Are your kids given opportunities to express themselves in the game?

10. And most of all – is the game fun? Remember, when kids learn in a relaxed environment they retain what they learn at much higher rates, and the color coding that is in The Sentence Zone itself improves retention by 25%, so get your educational fun games today!

Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET

Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET, Board Certified Educational Therapist #10167, is considered one of the top experts in the country in helping teachers and parents identify their students’ learning disabilities/learning difficulties. She’s been an educator, learning disability specialist, and educational therapist since 1973. Ms. Terry gives teachers and parents the ability to give their child a 2 – 4 year advantage in just 20 minutes a day. She’s a contributing author to education journals. She’s a popular national and international speaker.  Her website is at 

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