Stimulate And EducatePlaying online cartoon games is a great way to stimulate your child’s mind and improve their knowledge and skills. There are eight main ways in which cartoon games can help to sharpen a young mind and we explore them in this article.

  • Color Recognition and Understanding

Cartoon games aimed at younger children are usually cheerfully bright with clearly delineated blocks of color. This makes them both stimulating in their own right and also great for color recognition games. They are also a very useful way of showing children how to mix primary colors to make secondary colors and also for explaining why objects are the color they are.

  • Imagination and Creativity

Online cartoon games can involve imaginative and creative activities such as fashion-based games, which are aimed primarily at girls, or Alien Maker and similar games for boys.

  • Reading and Writing

By combining visual and audio information, cartoons can be ideal games for boys and girls to start to learn to read and write. During reading and writing games, the computer can take the place of a busy parent and interact with a child. Older children can test their spelling skills.

  • Observance

Stimulate And EducatePlaying games such as Pairs and Spot the Difference is both mentally challenging and visually stimulating. They also improve a child’s short-term memory and can help to make them more observant.

  • Numeracy

Simple math problems can be explained visually, using simple animations, which makes them ideal for teaching children how to do simple sums and learn the concepts of addition, subtraction and multiplication.

  • Learn To Share And Co-operate

Online cartoon games commonly have a two-player option which means that one child must sit and wait patiently as his or her friend completes their turn. This is a great way to teach a child to wait for their turn. Other games are one-player only but two or more children may choose to play the game together, during which they learn to co-operate in solving the problem or whatever particular activity the game involves.

  • Memory and Logic

Cartoon games are well-suited to improving the memory of a child. Games such as Pairs and Redakai Memory are great for the short-term memory and also teach children how to approach a puzzle logically and methodically.

  • Patience

some online games, such as word searches, require a considerable amount of time and dedication to master, helping children to develop patience and also to lengthen their attention span.

As we can see, cartoon games can provide a huge range of advantages to children, from stimulating their imagination to improving their reading and writing skills. They are also a very good way of teaching children basic computer skills such as using a mouse and simple typing. Action games can also improve their reactions and co-ordination. Because online cartoon games usually involve completing one simple level before moving on to more and more difficult levels, they encourage a gradual improvement and discourage ‘coasting’.

Celina Jones writes a regular education-based blog and has also written many articles on the subject of education for several large publications. She was a teacher for over thirty years and a headmaster for ten of those, before deciding to retire in 2010. She believes that parents should play games for boys games with their kids which can educate them.

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