If you have a passion for foods, then a career in food service can be ideal for you. Regardless if you have just started your career in college or already a professional in another field, beginning a career in food service can be challenging, but fulfilling. Though it may be helpful, a diploma from a culinary school is not necessary at all times.

Workers in the food service industry are in charge for serving foods and drinks, and giving good customer service. Different kinds of careers are offered for people in the field of food service, and there are in fact no educational requirements for one to be admitted in the workforce.

Career Choices in the Food Service Industry

There are various career choices in the food service industry. These include prep cooks, line cooks, head chefs, bartenders, servers, hostesses, and even dishwashers. Aspirant workers can search for job vacancies in cafeterias, fine dining establishments, coffee restaurants, and fast food restaurants.  

The Responsibilities

Different tasks are required for every worker in the food service industry. Hostesses welcome and lead customers to their seats, while the serves take the orders of the customers. Bartenders do the mixing of alcoholic drinks and serve it to bar regulars and other customers. Line, lead, and prep cooks read the orders of the customers and prepare them at the request of the customers.

Though there are various responsibilities for every kind of career in the field of food service, most similar skills are needed in this field. Workers in the field work in fast paced setting and need to have the ability to multitask. Bartenders, hostesses and servers closely work with customers and should have excellent customer service and good communication skills.

The Requirements

In general, there are no formal educational requirements in food service careers. In fact, past working experience is much valued than a degree in college. Although a lot of employers choose to employ workers with at least a high school diploma, majority of workers in this field are young adults and teens who have no formal training and no past working experience.

In addition, food service employees receive training from their respective employers. The training can be done in the form of online tutorials and classes as well as take home study programs and handbooks. For specialized tasks like bartending, there are classes provided by some vocational schools that train hopeful professionals on how to mix and pour drinks properly, stock the bar, and deal with legal matters that may surface while working around alcoholic drinks. Chefs and cooks may benefit from finishing a culinary course as well.

Career in the field of food service can be exhausting and difficult, even for the executives and managers. The hours of work are normally irregular and long, and workers are likely to spend most of their time standing, coping with different and intricate situations. However, if you are doing a good job, customers will recall and associate your services with blissful moments in their lives, thereby referring your company to others. For people who love working with foods, drinks, and with others, who also search for knowledge and endeavor for excellence, a career in food service is definitely one of the best choices today. 

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