Ho Ho Ho-w do you keep your Christmas spirit when you’re jam packed in a small space?

Having Santas, sleighs, mangers and trees can really make you start to feel CLAUSE-terphobic. You can still go all out for the holidays without sacrificing all of the room in your small space. If you live in an apartment or another small space you may want to consider some of theses ideas for decking your halls so you don’t go crazy trying to move around in an overly decorated home.

 Decorate A Small SpaceFirst, try to utilize corners and windowsills as much as possible.  These are great places for decorations because they’re out of the way and nobody usually needs this space. Unless of course you are a cat, then you might find decorations in your way.  It’s not often you’re friends and family will want to all gather around in a corner. This will keep your hallways easy to navigate through and your main areas easy to gather around in. 

Sizing down your decorations is another good way to decorate a small space.  You don’t have to have the huge Christmas tree in order to get your place in the holiday spirit.  You can use smaller trees, artificial trees, or even use wall decals and pictures of trees to hang on your wall. Your home will have the same Christmas feel without giving up all of that precious space.  Another good way to get the feel of a Christmas tree without having to buy one is by putting ornaments on platters or inside of clear bowls. This will still give your home the vibe of having a Christmas tree without actually having one! If you’re going to miss that pine tree smell, you can throw some decorative pinecones in with your ornament bowl that will be sure to spruce up any room.

Hanging other decorations on the wall is another good way to save space.  By wrapping boxes and putting them on the wall, hanging ribbon, or hanging any other pictures and decorations you can give your home the holiday warmth without sacrificing any space whatsoever.  You can also give any room a little holiday lighting by stringing Christmas lights around your frames or wreaths on the wall. Just be sure to hide the extra wiring so it doesn’t look tacky. The ceiling and banisters are another good way to keep decorations out of the way.

Keep clutter to a minimum! If you’re shelves, mantels, and tables are filled with as many decorations as possible you’re going to feel very crowded.  Try to keep your tables open so your home will feel bigger. Replace knick-knacks with festive blankets that you can drape over your couch or chairs.  This will make your home feel warm without making it feel cramped. 

Packing up your year-round dishes and replacing them with Christmas dishes is another way to have your home filled with Holiday cheer.  Having dishes that have snowflakes, trees, or any other Christmas-related design will make your season brighter.  Since you need to have dishes you’re not taking up any additional room in your home by using these festive items. 

Table clothes and candles are another great way to give your small space some spirit.  Again, these are things you would likely have in your home anyway, so replacing them with red, green, gold or festively designed candles and table clothes your home will feel just as open as it always does with the added joy of Christmas looming around your home. 

You really can have both Christmas spirit and all the space you need for presents, entertaining, or just relaxing.  Just because you live in a small space, doesn’t mean you have to feel crowded.  Take these tips and get creative this Christmas season! With a few alterations to the décor your home already has, you can keep all the room you need and add plenty of Christmas cheer.

This article was written by Lauren Beerling. Lauren works with REE Apartments, an apartment complex in Minnesota. 

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