Winter is fast approaching, and not very many people are fond of the idea of snow-filled days and fighting against old Jack Frost – but winter doesn’t have to be like that.

Instead of watching your family gaze out the living room window on those snowy winter days, get them bundled up for some fun, outdoor winter activities. Not sure what to do? Read this article to get some ideas of what you can do with your family this winter. Be sure to pack up some fun winter snacks and dress warm!

Fun Activity # 1: Ice Skating

This particular activity is popular and something that the entire family can enjoy together, day or night. Most cities today have beautiful outdoor skating rinks available for the public to use. They are usually found in your cities main parks. Many will have skates for rent, or you can bring your own. If you have little ones, this is a great way to help them learn how to skate and enjoy being outside in the winter. After several laps, take a break with your family to enjoy some of the tasty holiday snacks you brought, and sip on some warm cider or hot chocolate. Your family will be sure to love this activity and will be asking to do it every winter!

Fun Activity #2: Tobogganing

What child doesn’t love riding a toboggan down a snow-covered hill in the winter? You know you loved it as a kid, so why not get out there and get your family to the popular toboggan hills in your town. Today there are so many types of sleds and toboggans to choose from so take your family out to choose a few for yourselves. Once everyone has their sled of choice, head out to the nearest toboggan hill. Most cities have the popular hills to go to, but remember that they can often get busy so always remember to teach your family how to be safe. If you have toddlers, find a smaller hill and ride down the hill with them to keep them safe and to show them how fun it is! Another alternative to tobogganing, especially if your children are no longer toddlers is to go tubing. Your entire family can share a tube and ride down the hills over and over! And don’t forget, there is always time to warm up between rounds with some delicious hot chocolate!

Fun Activity #3: Building Snow Men and Snow Forts

This activity is not only fun, but it’s free too and you can do it in your own backyard! On those days after a perfect snowfall and the snow is perfectly white and fluffy on the ground, take your family outside to build some amazing snow people and snow forts. If you decide to build a fort, keep it safe and make sure that the forts do not have roofs. This will ensure that when everyone is playing inside the fort that it cannot collapse on anyone, potentially causing a dangerous accident. Have everyone work together to build an entire snow family too! Find some old hats and scarves in the house, maybe some carrots and coal from the barbecue to help give your snow men some life. Your kids will love dressing their snow family up and making them look however they want! This activity is great to help stimulate the creativity and imagination that your kids have but may not get to exercise as much in the winter. Once your snow family and snow fort is built, take a family photo in front of them to place on your mantle or use as your family’s Christmas card this year.

Fun Activity #4: Skiing and Snowboarding

This activity is great for that family that loves being active and maybe even wants to get out of the city for a day or two with the rest of the family.  With so many ski resorts and ski hills to choose from, you are guaranteed to find a place near your city where your family can go to enjoy the winter festivities. If your children are old enough, they can learn to snowboard and ski with you, giving them a hobby to develop as the years go on. Every ski resort has a hill for everyone, whether you are just a beginner or have been skiing your whole life. If this is a weekend getaway for your family, you can enjoy the warmth of the fire in the ski lodge at night while drinking cider and hot chocolate, and enjoy the fluffy white hills during the day. This is an activity that costs a little more than most activities, but is something that your family will always remember and will want to continue every year as tradition.

Fun Activity #5: Winter Festivals

Every city and town has them, usually starting at the end of November. Winter festivals are fun for the whole family. These festivals are a great way to get your family outside for a day to enjoy the winter and participate in all kinds of activities. Most often the festivals will take place in your town’s local public park where all the trees will be lit and decorations will be set up. When the sun goes down, the park will be transformed into a winter wonderland. Winter festivals often have activities like ice skating, horse and sleigh rides and even snow sculpture building contests. Your family can enjoy their favourite warm beverages and holiday treats, all while taking in the beautiful outdoors that surround them.

Adelaide Irene is a freelance writer that loves to have a good time while saving some money too. She also works alongside a windows and doors Oakville company – ecoChoice that likes to focus on replacement windows.

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