Ask anyone who has ever volunteered abroad about their experience and you’ll often hear the phrase life changing.  Unfortunately, there are significant information and financial barriers that keep more people from participating in this meaningful activity. Today, Volunteer Forever has unveiled a first-of-its-kind web platform to overcome these barriers and help prospective volunteers find and fund their trips abroad. 

Volunteering overseas has gained popularity in recent years and there are now a range of different opportunities available, including  voluntourism trips that combine travel and volunteer work. However, the number of volunteer organizations has grown so rapidly that it can be challenging to find the right project and ensure the host community will be positively impacted. In addition, the cost to participate in these projects is significant and makes volunteering abroad unattainable for many people. 

That’s where Volunteer Forever comes in. Developed with a mission to help more people volunteer abroad, Volunteer Forever offers a unique platform built around community engagement. The website features reviews of volunteer organizations to help users select an overseas placement, as well as a fundraising component designed around the concept of crowdfunding. Volunteers can instantly tap into the power of their extended networks and collect donations for their trip. In addition, the site will soon feature a patent-pending review verification system that leverages a user’s engagement on the site to ensure reviewer authenticity.

As volunteers ourselves, we understand the positive impact one volunteer can have and the challenges that keep more people from participating, said Billy Beltz, Co-Founder and CMO of Volunteer Forever. With Volunteer Forever we’ve built a solution to address those challenges. Our goal is to not only help people effect positive change in communities that need it most, but also create a more globally-engaged, aware, and concerned citizenbase.

Volunteer Forever is already being embraced by many volunteer abroad organizations around the world. Prior to launch the company partnered with over 80 organizations including Kiva Fellows Program, International Student VolunteersUBELONGFlying Kites, and Mission 29.2

“Mission 29.2 is extremely excited about the launch of Volunteer Forever, stated Martha Walker, Founder of Mission 29.2. We are very impressed with the website and our volunteers are already raising more money than ever before!” 

volunteerismVolunteer Forever is Your Gateway to Volunteering Abroad.

Volunteer Forever is a unique platform where volunteers can find all the tools, information and resources they need to travel abroad. The website features a patent-pending review system focused on authentic user reviews, as well as forums, articles and tips to help volunteers discover and select an overseas placement. Additionally, they offer a crowdfunding platform that simplifies and personalizes fundraising. Volunteers can create custom pages with integrated blogging and social media tools that instantly tap into the power of their extended networks, making it easy to receive donations from family, friends and community members. For more information visit

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