The Drip Dropsthe new and only digital preschool property centered on art, color, reading and creativity, provides young children aged 2-6 with the tools necessary to appreciate and investigate the world around them.  Experts agree the role of art in early childhood education is critical in developing necessary life skills as it simultaneously promotes basic problem solving and positive self-esteem. As the only preschool app and eBook series that focuses on art and color, The Drip Drops recognize and reinforce the value of artistic expression as vital for childhood growth, development and the overall well-being during the early stages of life.  Both kids and parents alike will thoroughly enjoy the first Drip Drops eBook The Story of the Drip Drops available now for free, in Apple’s App Store and in Google Play. More enhanced eBooks, iBooks and Super Apps will roll out over the coming weeks and The Drip Drops creators plan to introduce a cutting edge series of art apps for toddlers utilizing remarkable patented 3D technology and augmented reality at The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this coming January. 

Providing a wide variety of engaging visual arts activities, the adorable Drip Drops characters help kids  explore the world around them through color and constant positive reinforcement all while simultaneously teaching fundamental problem solving, teamwork and creative skills.   The Drip Drops are launching with a robust portfolio of enhanced eBooks and iBooks that immerse children into the world of Tint Town, putting them in the driver’s seat as they get to color the world around them.  

“The Drip Drops provide children with a platform to express themselves more clearly through their art, enabling them to develop subjects and symbols beyond their typical vocabulary,” said President and CEO Tony Lawlor.  “By encouraging self-expression and allowing children to give form to their emotions, ideas and feelings through art, the Drip Drops series will serve as a valuable teaching tool and compliment a child’s academic arts program by providing a solid foundation for future learning.” 

“The role of art in early childhood education is critical in helping children develop necessary life skills, and promote basic problem-solving and self-esteem,” said Dr. Karen Hill-Scott, Ed.D., a nationally recognized expert in childcare.  “Exposure to art not only encourages self-expression through the representation of an object on paper, but also stimulates the development of abstract ideas and concepts”. 

“Innovation in education comes in all shapes and sizes,” said Psychotherapist and Parenting Expert Stacy Kaiser.  “In this case their innovation for preschoolers happens to come in the shape of the colorful Drip Drops, and their unique ability to help young kids learn on a variety of platforms, making their stories that much more relevant to kids and parents of today.”  

The Portfolio:

§  The Story of the Drip Drops eBook is available as a Free Download in Apple’s App Store and Google Play Market

§  The Drip Drops Color the World eBook is available as a download for .99 cents  on both IOS and for the Android platforms.

§  The Let’s Go to the Zoo and Tint Town Coloring Party interactive iBooks will also be available in early December for the iOS and Android platforms.  

§  Additional eBooks and iBooks will launch in 2013, along with a series of highly interactive and technologically advanced coloring apps for kids. 

Simplistic in style but rich in content, the personality driven cast of Drip Drops characters will take kids on a wonderful journey.  The teachings are reinforced by a comprehensive visual arts curriculum with cutting edge multi-platform tools including e-books, iBooks, Super Apps, augmented reality technologies and consumer products that bring the colorful and fun-loving Drip Drops too life.  

The Drip Drops are on a mission to color the world and they need your help to do it!  For more information on The Drip Drops please log on to today.  An enhanced virtual world called “TintTownOnline” will be available next summer featuring an exciting game oriented learning world.  The Drip Drops can be also be downloaded through BelugaBloo, a mobile platform that features beautifully animated interactive children’s e-books, apps and games that provides an instructive and engaging tool for parents to educate their children through the means of creative technology. 


Long ago, the world was a colorless place until the day something magical happened! Six Drip Drops slid down a rainbow and landed in a world with no color. They live in Tint Town and with your help, they are setting out to bring color to the world. Each character has a unique personality and talent that you will likely identify with.  They work together in a community that is similar to most neighborhoods, complete with a library, grocery store, school, town hall, playground but most importantly their color mixing park and the alphabet orchard. 


Identifying the importance of color and art in early childhood education, TCKL is on a mission to color everyone’s day and in doing so not only teaching children about the amazing platform of colors nature offers but also encouraging them to express their inner selves through art and color. Created in 2009 by Tony Lawlor, Tony has an extensive creative background in several categories, and has brought together some of the leading talents in the industry to bring the Drip Drops to life and in doing so making the world a more fun a colorful place. TCKL is a proud sponsor of the Circle of Care Foundation a charity that is near and dear to Tony’s heart.

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