Like so many newlyminted mothers and fathers, author Jennifer Laurent experienced something transcendent when she became a parent. Yet she started to realize that some of her own negative childhood experiences might affect the way she parented her child. She knew that for her son to be happy, she needed to break the cycle of habitual reactions, and became determined to grow into a positive and present influence as both a single-mother, and a human being. 

As a former clinical social worker who helped families in crisis, Ms. Laurent kept a journal to help gain perspective on the journey ahead, and to become more aware of her thoughts, feelings, parental and personal desires. This journal became EXCERPTS FROM THE HEART OF A MOM, her first book in which she shares her fundamental insights of conscious parenting.

To help address how parents like herself can unknowingly put expectations and limitations on their children, Ms. Laurent devised 25 concepts of “conscious parenting” that help keep parents and children connected to their authentic selves. A sample of her concepts include “The Journey is Our Child’s, Not Ours,” “Self-confidence is Essential,” “Be Your Child’s Own Personal Cheerleader,” “Discipline with Positive Purpose,” and “I Don’t Know and That’s OK!.” Ms. Laurent shares her insights while admitting her own difficulties staying on a conscious path while parenting her son.

EXCERPTS FROM THE HEART OF A MOM launched November 27 on and It is also available for purchase at the companion website, To view a passage from Ms. Laurent’s heart, preview a small excerpt from 

“It is my hope that EXCERPTS FROM THE HEART OF A MOM will inspire readers to open their hearts and minds to explore a different way of parenting that can bring peace, joy and fulfillment within their families,” stated Ms. Laurent.

As a result of the work contained in EXCERPTS FROM THE HEART OF A MOM, Ms. Laurent was recently appointed to the Los Angeles Chapter Board of Directors at Olive Crest, a leading non-profit foster parenting and child protection advocate organization. Ms. Laurent has begun communicating her concepts to their foster care community, and has donated over 500 copies of her book to help enlighten other parents.

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