Part of the college experience is taking electives that are outside your major. It’s fun to explore other areas, which may result in new interests. If you’re more interested in elective courses than required courses for your major, it may be smart to switch to something you’ll be happy perusing. Keep in mind the long-term goals and explore the new major thoroughly before switching. Remember, an elective would only give you a sample of what a major in that field would be like. It may seem easier or more fun now in contrast to your current major, but don’t decide to switch without first thoroughly researching what it would entail. There could be many reasons why students should change their major. You might be struggling to understand classes, unhappy because you don’t find joy or fulfillment in them, and unsure if this is what you want to do for a living. Before making the decision, make sure you fully research your alternatives and have realistic expectations. Speak to college advisors and counselors, and your trusted family and friends whose advice you can count on.