My name is Dr. Stephen Guffanti and I’m writing this piece on Best Solutions for ADHD Kids for parents and teachers interested enough in solutions for active kids or active daydreamers who you want to listen to you. 

My hope is to bring more peace to your often hectic lives when you have an ADHD child. Thank you for your feedback I am sure it will not only help you and your family, but the many others who don’t write, but still want to know.

This segment is part of a three item chat on girls and ADHD in the best solutions for ADHD kids. There has been a rising tide of requests for this talk which took a lot of research. The more I researched the more I needed to say. 

Since the feminist movement removed the cultural protections from girls, our culture has pressured females to compete as men in the work force and be more sexual at a younger age. The impact on young girls whether they are labeled ADHD or not is the subject of this podcast.

In this episode on some of the best solutions for ADHD kids you will learn:

  1. The incredible pressure our society places on girls
  2. The mounting anxiety and depression it creates
  3. How you can protect your daughters

Download Episode 10 (mp3) here  

You can listen to other episodes at   By the way, in an effort to help the ADHD parents and provide the best solutions for ADHD kids I posted a survey.   This podcast is the answer to some of the questions posted there.

To help you more, our book, Does Your Child Really Have ADHD? by Stephen Guffanti, M.D. will give you additional solutions. You may find that book here.

Stephen Guffanti, M.D.

As a medical doctor, author, and homeschooler, Stephen Guffanti, M.D., offers a unique background and tremendous insight, and communicates with warmth and humor. Not only is Stephen a physician, but he’s also dyslexic and ADHD, and from this unusual perspective he brings hope and understanding to families. Born with a passion for education as well as medicine, Dr. Steve has served as the medical director of a clinic specializing in learning disorders and has studied nutrition and its effects on learning.
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ADHD or Active Child?