Our HowToLearn.com ADHD expert, Stephen Guffanti, M.D. has recorded a number of ADHD or Active Child talks to help bring more peace to your hectic lives by continuing the conversation about ADHD. 

He notes that the problem with standard ADHD treatment is simple  – no drug can be given daily for 60 years without side effects or developing a tolerance. In fact, 80% of those on ADHD drugs stop them within their first year. At the same time at least 70% of those diagnosed ADHD can’t have this genetic disorder because they don’t have the genes. 

Bottom line: Whether you use drugs or not you need a long term non-drug solution that works for your family.

girls and the adhd labelLet’s get on with this week’s example of ADHD and girls. Dr. Martin Stein, a pediatrician at UCSD, notes that girls are likely to be diagnosed with ADHD later than boys, some as early as third or fourth grade, or as late as junior high. (a misdiagnosis because the definition of ADD includes that the symptoms are present before the age of  7 and clearly this is years later.)

Here’s my take on what happens: year by year, girls value peer relationships more. So, many females gradually place the teacher on ignore while they wait to do something interesting with their friends. Those caught ignoring their teachers are labeled ADHD. 

This episode discusses:

  •     How to avoid your daughter putting you on ignore as she moves into her teen years.
  •     The three most common mistakes that parents make when supporting their children.

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Stephen Guffanti, M.D.

As a medical doctor, author, and homeschooler, Stephen Guffanti, M.D., offers a unique background and tremendous insight, and communicates with warmth and humor. Not only is Stephen a physician, but he’s also dyslexic and ADHD, and from this unusual perspective he brings hope and understanding to families. Born with a passion for education as well as medicine, Dr. Steve has served as the medical director of a clinic specializing in learning disorders and has studied nutrition and its effects on learning.
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