The Synthesis Effect

“In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice; in practice, there is.”  – Yogi Berra

We have reached the beginning of the most important part of this journey together. We have built our foundation of theory and knowledge. We know how the “engine’s” systems work now, and how we create our reality and our disconnections, both individual and societal. It’s now time to use our models in Synthesis with some very powerful tools. We’re going to shift from theory to practice, from thinking to thinking and doing. We are going to generate change, and create a new reality, a better you whatever that might mean for you.

Creating significant and lasting change is where the rubber meets the road in human development. I believe I know that we all have the ability and the inner resources to do so. In fact, to settle for anything less would be a waste of the journey, a waste of the knowledge and understanding that you’ve come all this way to acquire.

Of course, even with the potential and power of Synthesis, we need be mindful of avoiding a vexing challenge: It’s one thing to understand intellectually the hows and whys of getting into our issues and disconnections as you now do and quite another for most people to do something about it and have it stick. People who actually try to do something to change their lives most often find themselves slipping back into their old patterns and disconnections after a painfully short period of time. As we discussed earlier, the reason for this has little to do with personal weakness, and everything to do with the functionality of the human mind and four important, intrinsically related phenomena that result from that functionality. Let’s review them.


First, most people in our society do not realize that they are actually creating their own reality. Because they feel and believe they are victims of circumstance, they are living “at effect”; they feel powerless to do anything about their issues and disconnections. They often identify with and become their disconnections; it thus defines their life experiences.

Second, for physical, emotional, and/or spiritual changes to really stick they must ultimately be created at a deeper level than that of our conscious mind, and that, of course, means at the subconscious level the engine of behavior home of the programmed and engrained patterns we call “knowns,” the drivers of the Quantum Reality Equation.

Third, we know that due to the huge inequity in mass or power between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind (10 to 12 percent conscious vs. 88 to 90 percent subconscious) and the inertia of homeostasis created by the critical filter, the conscious mind alone is rarely powerful enough to do this. The conscious mind alone cannot tilt the scales of change in the subconscious and keep them tilted in the desired direction. After a time (usually a short time), the scales tip back and keep us stuck. After enough fruitless attempts to change by means of the comparatively weak force of conscious willpower, many people will just give up and decide to accept their life as it is. And “as it is” is often quite painful and limiting.

Fourth and finally, as a result of the seven deadly memes, including and especially the Great Separation, most people live in and suffer from some level of socio-emotional or spiritual isolation usually both, and quite often to a significant degree. In fact, for many of us, the energy of the lower subconscious or superconscious becomes so obscured, we fumble and grind our way through life completely unaware of our spiritual energy stream; it lies virtually stagnant. This stagnancy creates a huge energy void within, which inhibits us from utilizing the predictive and protective power of inner vision, and it becomes a huge source of inner pain and disconnection. Being unaware of its cause, we often have not a hint as to what it is or what can be done to alleviate it. We live with this vague feeling of lack, an unknown emptiness. In desperation, many people turn to numbing activities such as substance abuse or behavioral extremes and addictions in an attempt to ease the pain and fill the void, none of which ever work.

So, whatever the issue and desired change, in order to succeed, we must ensure that we address all four of these areas. We must first change our attitude to be “at cause.” Our attitude must be, “I created this reality of mine and it’s my responsibility to create my new one; it is no one else’s job or responsibility to make me happy, just mine.”

We must work on and change the programming, the negative knowns in the upper subconscious hard drive, and we must find a way to ensure that the inertia of homeostasis does not reject and thwart our desire to create a better reality. And of course, we absolutely must end the isolation from our superconscious higher energies and create a strong flow, integration, and balance in and among the three magic streams of energy in our Human Energy System physical, emotional, and spiritual; especially spiritual, the intelligent essence of all creation and the universal quantum web itself.

Succeeding With Synthesis

I have devised my version of Synthesis to address all of these concerns; it is a process that has helped literally thousands of clients accomplish their goals for change and personal growth, and I am going to guide you through it step by step. Along the way, I will introduce you to many of the same powerful models, tools, and techniques I use with my clients in the clinic and teach to other therapists who I mentor. You are about to discover exactly what you need to do to succeed in changing your life. (And by the way, if you’ve been accomplishing the action items presented in each chapter thus far, you have actually already begun the process.)…

This book excerpt used with permission from Dr. John McGrail, PhD.

Create Significant And Lasting Change

Creator of the McGrail Method of Quantum Synthesis and, author of, The Synthesis Effect: Your Direct Path to Personal Power and Transformation

Dr. John McGrail is a renowned clinical hypnotherapist, self-improvement expert and a sought after spiritual teacher who has become one of our country’s leading media experts and public speakers relating to personal growth and successful life transformation. His company, A Better You, Inc., serves a world-wide clientele; individuals of all ages and backgrounds, as well as select corporate clients. Services range from individual sessions, to motivational presentations, training seminars, and workshops.

Dr. McGrail’s passion for helping people overcome the sometimes debilitating fears, limiting beliefs, and other issues that prevent them from living life to its fullest potential, led him to develop a unique and powerful process, the McGrail Method of Quantum Synthesis, or more simply, Synthesis. Synthesis represents an amalgam of Dr. McGrail’s lifelong study of the human condition and spirituality, more than 30 years of teaching and coaching experience and countless hours in private clinical practice

Dr. McGrail is a proud veteran of our military, having served as a commissioned officer and aviator in the United States Coast Guard.  After his military service this varied man also enjoyed distinguished careers in commercial aviation and mass communications—film, television and multimedia before answering the call to his true vocation, to help people empower their lives. He resides inLos Angeleswith his wife Lynne-Anne and is an avid blue-water fisherman who also enjoys gourmet cooking, golf, hiking and camping and the study and exploration of native philosophy and spirituality.

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