Teachers in all Memphis, Tenn., City Schools soon will begin using a video capture program as part of professional development. Using the Teachscape program, educators will be able to record themselves teaching in order to reflect on their own practice. They also can upload their videos to a website where other educators can view their instructional practices and offer feedback. Plans also are in the works to create a video repository for teachers, showing best practices. 

With this technology, teachers will be able to use any video capture device to record themselves teaching a complete lesson or lesson segment. The teachers can then use the video for self-reflection or upload it to a secure Web site to share with colleagues. The district said it hopes to develop an online video repository of professional best practices using examples from teachers within the district, so teachers can learn from each other as part of the professional development process.

The technology the district chose for this project is from Teachscape, a provider of  Web-based professional learning content, classroom observation and evaluation technologies, and teaching improvement services. MCS will provide each of its schools with at least one video capture device, which teachers can use to record lessons. Teachers can then upload their videos to Teachscape’s secure, Web-based software, where they can review, comment on, and share videos with colleagues.


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