Our Destiny Is As We Make It

When I first started as a psychic medium, I used to read Tarot cards to forecast people’s future, but I often got the message from spirit that this was only a snapshot of their energy at that specific time. In other words, this was their most likely outcome if they continued living their life in their normal way. However, if there was something they didn’t like in their future, they could easily change it. I began to realize more and more, that our own mind, our own thoughts are so much more powerful than our fate. Our fate is not really fate at all; it is simply a product of our previous thoughts, good or bad. Living the future path that we would like to have is as simple as reprogramming our thoughts.

Yes, there are underlying energies set in the stars for us but these are simply underlying forces. Our real destiny is exactly as we make it. Many people felt the trend of 2012 that was all about cutting back, sacrificing, and learning to live with less. As we move into 2013, we enter a new energy, a fresh start that puts us more in touch with our own desires and our inherent ability to manifest quickly. Especially at the start of the New Year, we have a special energy boost that helps us to set new goals and program our subconscious for what we want for the year. The trick is to use this energy and direct our thoughts to exactly what we want to manifest in our lives. 

Setting Goals 

Where do you want to be this year? What dreams do you have? When you set a goal or you envision a dream that you have, this is the first step to manifesting it into your life. Sit and daydream for a moment, envision or daydream about where you would like to be by the end of the year. Daydreaming is actually very positive. The more clearly you can envision having what you want, the more quickly it will come to you. Imagine the car that you would love to own. What color is it? Imagine driving it. Imagine what it would feel like behind the wheel, what your new car would smell like, how it drives, how it responds to your commands. Imagine how wonderful you feel driving it. Feel how happy are you to have the car of your dreams. Where do you want to go? Do you have your window down, your hair blowing in the breeze, taking tight turns along a cliff side beach road? The more you can envision in detail with positive emotion, the more quickly a path will open up to materialize your dream. 

Programming Your Subconscious   

Our subconscious is the source of all our desires, whether we desire things, events, or relationships. Our subconscious works automatically, all the time. Our subconscious brings to us, all that we dwell upon. The issue here is how do we program our subconscious to bring us things that we desire and to stop things from appearing in our life that we do not desire? In particular, how do we program our subconscious to deliver us the means or the financial resources for all that we desire?

I have included excerpts from my book 30 Days to Prosperity: A Workbook to Manifest Abundance. It is a workbook I designed to help people create what they desire in their life. The book is split into two halves. In the first half of the book I describe the energy of money and manifesting. In the second half of the book there are 30 exercises, one per day. In the workbook you will use a pendant, stone, or other object that you will program. It needs to be something that you don’t mind wearing or keeping on you for 30 days. It really doesn’t matter if you understand the theory behind it or not. If you simply do the rote exercises for 30 days, you will see an increase in your abundance. In fact, the results have been so amazing and I believe in it so strongly that I actually offer a money back guarantee! So here are a couple of exercises from my book. 

Getting into the Zone

Before you start the exercises you need to be in the Manifesting Zone. To do this, find a time and a place that you will not be disturbed. 

Sit quietly and relax with your feet uncrossed and flat on the floor. Place your hands, palms up, on your lap. Concentrate on your breathing, envisioning taking in deep breaths of positive energy through your nose and releasing negative energy through your mouth. Now, I want you to envision a beautiful orb or ball of light like a bright white star in the sky, shining down on you. It comes closer and closer to you until it is hovering above your head. Imagine this orb sending healing and protective white light energy, in the highest of goodness. Imagine this white light coming from this orb, shining down on your head and then going over your shoulders and continuing down your body, slowly over each part, all the way to your toes. As you imagine this white light traveling down your body, it brings healing and protective energy, which feels like warm sunshine on your body. It relaxes each part that it touches. Feel each part of your body relaxing until you are completely enveloped in this white light of protection. You are now in a bubble of white light and only good energies can come into your space.         

Starting My New Life of Abundance

We are now going to program your pendant. You can use any object: a piece of jewelry, a stone, a small crystal, a charm, some kind of trinket, etc. You are going to wear or carry this for at least the 30-day program, so be sure it is something that you don’t mind having on you every day. It can be concealed in your pocket, worn as a necklace, bracelet, etc. The idea is that it is in your energy (aura), close to your body. After the program, you may continue to use this object or you may discard it.  

  1. In a place that is comfortable to you and that you are not going to be disturbed, stand with your feet slightly apart, relaxed and with equal weight on each foot.
  2. Place this workbook ( or your computer), where you can easily read it while standing.
  3. Hold the pendant or object you have chosen in your right hand and rub it gently between your fingers. If you are left-handed or this is easier, it is perfectly fine to use your left hand. However, we are always going to use the same hand each day and stand in the same way—this is now your “Power Position.”
  4. As you do this, you may feel an energy surge that may make you rotate, lean, or move. Just go with it. Allow your weight to shift or your body to move around. If you feel like standing still, that is fine too.
  1. While you are rubbing your object, read the following paragraph out loud: 

I am open to the Divine Source Energy. My subconscious has a perfect connection to the Divine Source Energy and manifests to me all my desires in the highest of goodness. Whenever I rub this pendant (charm, stone, etc.), I am clarifying the connection between my subconscious and the Divine Source Energy. I am clarifying the connection between my conscious thinking mind and my subconscious, and whatever my conscious mind desires my subconscious will deliver from the Divine Source Energy. I will be directed to ask for only persons, things, and events that are in my highest of goodness and that are part of my Divine Plan. All my desires will manifest quickly and clearly and in the highest of goodness. 

Today, _______  [fill in today’s date], I am starting my new life of abundance, happiness, and joy. Today and from now on, I am connected to the Divine Source Energy. Today and from now on, I will follow my Divine Life Path. Today and from now on, I will connect clearly with my subconscious. Today and from now on, I will only think thoughts that attract people, things, and experiences to me that are in my highest of goodness. Today and from now on, I will allow abundance to flow freely to me. I now accept the great wealth that is mine by Divine Right.

(You may replace the phrase “Divine Source Energy” with “God” if you prefer.) 

Take a moment to meditate on this second paragraph, asking what it means to you. Write down any insights that you have or reword it into what is meaningful to you. 

Setting My Goals

Now it is time to set your goals for the New Year. Write down the goals of what you would like to be doing, earning, and experiencing in 2013. Meditate on these goals. Now stand in your Power Position. While holding and rubbing your pendant, read each goal you have written out loud. 

My Goals This Year

Now you can relax and allow the Universe to bring your desires to you. As you go forward, keep daydreaming in a positive way about these goals. As you think about them, go ahead and rub your stone or lucky pendant. Remember to look for the signs, as your desires may not manifest in exactly the way you expect. Just keep concentrating on the end result and don’t worry so much about how the Universe will bring about your desire.   

You will be very surprised at how fast your goals will manifest. Have an amazing 2013 because what you desire is absolutely yours for the manifesting! 

Gail Thackray is a life coach and spiritual educator, speaking at events around the world. She lectures on abundance and prosperity, as well as spirituality. Many people report that her manifesting workshops have completely changed their lives.

Gail launched and operated several multi-million dollar companies, lost everything and had to start over several times. Through it all, she followed her intuition and always seemed to pick the “ace deals” that would put her back on top. When a life-changing event put Gail on a more spiritual path, she started to understand the link between her successes and her connection to Source. It is this knowledge and gift that she shares in this unique book.

Gail originally wrote this workbook to program her own subconscious. After sharing this with others, she realized that she had uncovered a powerful tool, a program that works whether you are consciously aware of it or not. Not only does she share this knowledge, but Gail integrates it into an easy to follow and effective 30-day program. 

30 Days to Prosperity: A Workbook to Manifest Abundance is available on Amazon and online at Barnes and Noble $12.95. 

For more information about Gail Thackray and her books, please visit:  GailThackray.com

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