The Nordic Naturals College Scholarship is $5,000.

Apply by March 31, 2013.

Nordic Naturals College Scholarship

Nordic Naturals, the leading manufacturer of omega-3 supplements, invites college-bound high school seniors and current college students to compete for the Nordic Naturals College Scholarship with a $5,000 award by entering the company’s inaugural scholarship program.

The company’s “Learn. Inspire. Change. 2013 Essay Scholarship” challenges the next generation to learn what’s essential to them, inspire healthy and positive choices in others, and become the new face of change that shapes our world.

One entrant for the Nordic Naturals College Scholarship will receive $5,000 for college, and a one-year supply of the company’s award-winning omega oils.

Research shows that the essential fatty acids in fish oil support brain health, learning, and memory.* Nordic Naturals products are known for their proven purity, exceptional freshness, great taste, and efficacy.

To enter the Nordic Naturals College Scholarship Contest, applicants must answer this essay question:

What are the essential components of the education that your generation needs to make a positive impact on the world?

In the Nordic Naturals College Scholarship Contest the first 100 applicants receive Pat Wyman’s book: Amazing Grades!

The first 100 people to apply for the Nordic Naturals College Scholarship will receive a copy of Amazing Grades! 101 Best Ways to Improve Your Grades Faster by Pat Wyman, founder of The book includes a chapter with expert tips on brain health from Nordic Naturals’ Chief Medical Officer Keri Marshall, MS, ND.

Dr. Marshall emphasizes the importance of brain health and nutrition to success in the classroom. “Proper nutrition helps lay a strong foundation for optimal brain health and functionality throughout life,” Marshall writes. “In fact, there is good evidence linking consumption of omega-3 fatty acids to improved attention, learning, memory, behavior and higher test scores.”

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nordic naturals college scholarship


Pat Wyman    Pat Wyman is America’s Most Trusted Learning Expert and founder of She is a college professor and best selling author of Amazing Grades: 101 Best Ways To Improve Your Grades Faster and encourages you to enter the Nordic Naturals College Scholarship.












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