Teach Anti-Bullying, the Philadelphia-based non-profit organization dedicated to working with educators and parents on the bullying crisis in our communities will once again take an active role in programs during the upcoming National No-Name Calling Week, scheduled for January 21st through January 25th nationwide. 

Teach Anti-BullyingIn the Greater Philadelphia region, Teach Anti-Bullying will lead an anti-bullying seminar for parents on Wednesday, January 23rd at the Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School (1332 Enterprise Drive) in West Chester, Pennsylvania from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.  Speakers will include Claudio Cerullo, Ph.D., the founder and President of Teach Anti-Bullying, as well as Daniela Desiderio Redpath, the organization’s vice president.

In addition, Teach Anti-Bullying will appear in support of the Pennsylvania Safe Schools Act, sponsored by Pennsylvania State Representative Dan Truitt, in a press conference on Wednesday, January 23rd at 10 a.m. in West Chester (location to be announced). The proposed Pennsylvania Safe School Act would provide prevention and remediation tools for all teachers and school staff on incidents of bullying, cyber bullying and harassment, in addition to other policies.

Teach Anti-Bullying was launched in November 2011 out of growing concern for the issue of bullying both in the classroom and in the community.

Serving children and families who have been, or are being affected by, bullying, Teach Anti-Bullying works to raise awareness and support, while encouraging the collaboration of all stakeholders – children, educators, parents, community leaders, law enforcement, and local, state and federal legislators – in the pro-active intervention against bullying as well as the prevention of bullying. 

Teach Anti-Bullying’s services include school assemblies, workshops, conferences and speaking engagements; advocacy; program development and implementation; policy development and implementation; victimization support services; bullying in the workplace programs; online support for children and families; and expert witness for anti-bullying court cases.

In just the first 12 months of Teach Anti-Bullying’s existence, the organization has made over two dozen presentations to over 1,000 parents, over 1,000 educators and professionals, and over 2,000 students in events in the Greater Philadelphia Region. 

Teach Anti-Bullying also presented last March at the State of Louisiana’s Call for Action Anti-Bullying Conference in Baton Rouge, and will be returning to present at that conference again this March.

According to recent research, more than 34 percent of U.S. students in classroom said they have been bullied during the course of the school term.  One out of four of those are in regular education, while three out of four of those students are children with special needs.  In addition, 60 percent of those students with disabilities are victimized.  A growing problem is Cyber Bullying, with 43 percent of teens aged 10 through 18 years old reporting at least one instance of Cyber Bullying, while 77 percent of teens reported that the Cyber Bully was someone that they knew. 

Additional information about Teach Anti-Bullying is available at TeachAntiBullying.com.

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