When looking for the top study tips of 2013, it’s widely accepted that repetition is one of the very best ways to learn.

Teachers and students have been using this method as a top study tip successfully for centuries.

In fact, repetition even has a fancy Latin term that sings its praises: repetitio est mater studiorum (repetition is the mother of learning).

It’s a fairly basic concept, and one of the top study tips of 2013 – one so simple that it can be lost in the flash of other, newer study methods. But there’s no magic platform that will suddenly replace centuries of success, and as a student, it’s really about finding the tools and methods that will help you make the most of repetition.

So what can you do to ensure you’re retaining that information for the long-term, and what other techniques can be combined with repetition to reinforce what you’ve learned?

Below are the Top Study Tips for 2013:

Space it out

Repetition starts during class as you’re listening to the lecture and taking notes. Once you’ve digested that initial glut of information, you’ll want to re-address the subject by re-writing your notes into easily digestible segments – note cards are the most popular among most students and they use them as one of the best top study tips.

Take advantage of peer study sessions

And let your peers study with you as one of the top study tips. Once your note-cards are written out, compare what you have with your classmates to see if they’ve captured anything you missed and vice versa. This will ensure you truly understand the content. Make adjustments to your notes based on these peer study sessions and review them again once finalized. Using peer study sessions is one of the top study tips of 2013.

The beauty of using this comparison method is that it can be done in-person or online; if you’re using an online study platform, you also have the option to compare notes with students who are studying the same thing all across the country, which may give you even greater insights. Again, peer study sessions are one of the top study tips of 2013.

Make all your mobile devices work for you

No cell phones in school? That’s a thing of the past. Most experts agree that 2013 is the year that devices will move from the edge of the classroom to the center, and using your mobile device is a great way to help master the repetition method and other top study tips.

Once you’ve participated in the lecture, taken notes, done the reading, written out your note-cards, and compared with your peers, it’s time to study! That doesn’t necessarily mean chaining yourself to your desk for hours on end. Get out, exercise and moving your body enhances your brain too. Nearly everyone knows that exercise is one of the top study tips to use everyday.

In fact, for many students, it’s more beneficial to study in small increments, ideally ten to twenty minutes at a time over multiple days. This one again is one of the best top study tips of 2013. That’s where your device comes in handy – having access to your study platform and notes twenty-four hours a day will allow you to do your studying anytime, anywhere.

Experimental learning

After all this, how do you know if you truly understand what you’re studying? Practice makes perfect, and you need to put that knowledge to work to make it work for you. Practice tests are one of the top study tips and a great way to see what you’re really grasping and where your weak areas are. Use the results to see what concepts you should be focusing on moving forward, and continue to quiz yourself to measure your progress.

Repetition, experimental learning, use of technology devices and all of the above are the some of the top study tips of 2013 that can work for you if you know how best to approach it. Sometimes the best solution is the simplest, and with these tips in mind, repetition and the others can help to make 2013 your best academic year yet because you used the top study tips.

Becky Splitt, is CEO of StudyBlue.  StudyBlue is the leading mobile and social study platform, used by more than 2.5 million students who have created and shared 100 million documents across the Web and iPhone, iPad (iOS) and Android apps.She brings over 15 years of experience growing early stage tech businesses, half with an early stage start-up through IPO in the voice processing industry called Brite Voice Systems, and half with industry leader Microsoft running MSN’s international business. 

StudyBlue is made for students and contains top study tips. Its mobile and social study platform empowers a generation of ambitious digital natives who expect and deserve high quality digital study resources. The StudyBlue community today consists of more than 2.5 million students who have shared 100 million study materials across the Web and iPhone, iPad (iOS) and Android apps. Using the knowledge of the masses, StudyBlue delivers study materials that are matched specifically to the individual, according to the classes they’re taking, the subjects they study and the classmates they’re connected to. StudyBlue helps students learn better. Learn together. And get smarter.

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