Good habits are never too late to develop and can make all the difference to grades when you’re studying hard. Improving performance is incremental and the little things help, so take a look at this list and you’ll learn some great habits.

Write it Down

There are a number of ways to keep track of stuff, whether it is writing it down on a planner or in your new IPad. However, whatever way you prefer to keep track of stuff, make sure to write down all assignments, tests and due dates and you’re on the road to better study habits.


The number of people who fail because they haven’t sent their test in on time is larger than you may think – don’t be the person this happens to. Have a set place for your completed assignments that ensures you don’t forget it. A specific homework station will prevent this from happening and you will soon get in on the routine of where to place your homework and so never forget it again.

The study zone should be a quiet place where there are no interruptions and you can get on with your work without distraction.


Also, be sure to check the details of the assignment. A lot of people end up failing as they miscommunicate what is asked of them for the assignment. If you’re not sure about anything just ask your teacher what they expect.

Color Coding

Organizing everything with color is a sure fire way to prevent you getting wires crossed and also saves on time. If you have a color coded system things are easier to find and understand. Perhaps you have a color for each subject, for topics of interest, or to split the work you got at school from your extra tuition or Oxford summer school work. This means things are a lot easier to find.

Of course, taking time to take a summer school course can really benefit you as a student. Summer schools allow you to brush up on the things that you may be a little less comfortable with in a productive environment. They are often also more enjoyable environments than school ones and are as suitable for school students, as well as those on the way to university.


Studying for a test day takes time and you want to gain a reward for your effort. Preparing for a test day is not just down to preparing mentally. Make sure you are well rested, have no commitments the night before and have layered clothing to ensure you are the right temperature. Plan your way to the exam center and give yourself extra time to get there in advance. Also, prepare your lunch – food is very important and fuels you though long exam days, make sure it’s suitable and will keep you full up and energized.

Learning Style

Some people learn better in one way than another and knowing your learning style is pivotal to success. Some people prefer visual aids and some auditory ones – examine and evaluate your style and adopt your study to it.


The trick to great exam results is great notes. Make sure to make notes when you are taking them in a way that suits your form of learning. This means when it comes to exams you won’t spend time preparing notes when you should be studying.

Mind Yourself

Studying is tough and you need to be in fit physical shape. Make sure you get enough food and eat good foods. Also, take time out and relax and get enough exercise. All of these factors are pivotal to good study and will help with those grades.

Cormac Reynolds writes for and is a night owl when it comes to study and all else.

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