Two maps presented by the National Center for Education Statistics show high school graduation and dropout rates nationwide.

Featuring data from 2009-10, the maps show  that while the national graduation rate is at its highest level since 1974 — at 78% — gaps remain among minority students and their white peers. 

Graduation rates by race and ethnicity are up across the board, with Hispanic students seeing a 10-point increase over five years to 71.4 percent, and black students showing a 7-point increase to 66.1 percent.

But it’s hard to ignore comparative gaps. Asian-American students graduate at a rate of 93 percent–nearly 27 points higher than black students–while white students are at 83 percent. 

Also, students of color drop out at a higher rate. While the national average stands at 3.4 percent, the rate for Hispanics is 5.5 percent, and that for black students is 5 percent. In comparison, just 1.9 percent of Asian and Pacific Islanders and 2.3 percent of white students are not finishing high school.

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