Dr. Henry Borenson was surely born with the love of algebra and has made it his life’s mission to create the history of how one made made algebra child’s play.

As a HowToLearn.com expert, Borenson writes articles, participates in teleseminars and creates ways for students to quickly grasp fundamental mathematical ideas in a subject most students seem to be afraid of. 

Borenson’s students, using his unique tactile method, quickly ace the subject.

how one man made algebra child's play

While Dr. Borenson was a math teacher at Stuyvesant High School in New York City, he needed to constantly create new challenges for his gifted math students. But when he changed schools and no longer had gifted math students, he literally proved to everyone how one man made algebra’s child’s play. He created Hands-On Equations which makes algebra a tactile learning experience and helps kids in grades 3-8 quickly learn to love algebra and achieve success.

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