Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love and romance, but that doesn’t mean that families can’t enjoy the day too. If your kids aren’t out with their boyfriends and everyone is around on the day then why not make it into a fun, educational experience. There are creative ways to explain the meaning and history behind Valentine’s Day, whilst still making things entertaining.

Busy families don’t often get the chance to do things together, so you can use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to spend time together and learn a new skill. It can also be nice to go on a day out somewhere to get a bit of exercise and fresh air.

It’s important for children to understand what Valentine’s Day is really about, especially as it has now become so commercialised. Kids need to know it is not all about expensive gifts and spending lots of money. If you make the effort to keep things exciting and everybody has an enjoyable day then you could even turn it into a new family tradition.

  • Family Cooking Experience

It is likely that at least one member of your family will benefit from learning some new cooking skills. This is a relaxed activity where you get to try a new skill together. Even if you consider yourself to be a pretty good cook, there are always cooking classes out there that offer something different. Perhaps you don’t know how to choose and cook the perfect steak, or you could use a helping hand with some baking.

Some cooking experiences will start with the basics and educate your family how to prepare food safely and hygienically. Teaching your youngsters how to cook properly is a life skill they will always need, and you never know, one day they might actually help you cook dinner!

  • Valentine’s Day Quiz

Valentine’s Day actually has a rich history, and although your family might not digest a lengthy story, they will love a quiz. Valentine’s Day had different slightly meaning at different times in history, you can teach them about everything from the Romans to Shakespeare. The traditional anonymous Valentine’s card first became popular in the mid-18th century. These are facts that will genuinely interest family members and even surprise them. Try planning your quiz a week or so in advance so you have time to make everything you need and do a bit of research.

  • Homemade Gifts

Asking each family member to make their own homemade gifts for the special day is a brilliant way to educate them. They can really get creative and embrace their arty side and learn how to make beautiful homemade cards. Kids love arts and crafts, and most adults secretly do too.

They will also begin to understand that you don’t have to spend money to show you care, and perhaps making something thoughtful will mean more. To make the experience more exciting the whole family, gather round before dinner and make a big deal of giving each other gifts. Then it will feel like a truly special occasion and you can take the opportunity to praise your kids for their creativity.

  • Grow Your Own Flowers

Start a project in the lead up to Valentine’s Day where each family member grows their own plant, instead of buying lots of expensive roses. This means you won’t just be bonding on the day, you can help your kids to look after their flowers on a daily basis. It also gives them a little bit of responsibility, which is an important learning curve. Everybody will enjoy the challenge and you can exchange flowers on the 14th and pick a winning flower.

  • Experience Nature as a Family

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about the evening; you can get out and experience the great outdoors during the day. If you want your kids to be active then visiting a natural park or wildlife sanctuary is an ideal way to motivate them. The National Trust have some spectacular sites to go and see, many of which offer an educational experience for all the family. Your kids can learn about plants, animals, historic buildings and impressive landmarks around the UK. After a day exploring a nature park young kids will be tired just in time for the evening, giving you a few hours to relax with your partner.

Why not try one of these educational experiences this Valentine’s Day and seize the opportunity to steal some vital family time. You will not regret creating memories that your kids will remember for a long time and teaching them things they can use later in life.

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