The new Exploracise® My First Numbers and Shapes Math Ball helps children learn numbers from 1 to 10 and corresponding shapes.  Children as young as age one can enjoy learning numbers through fun educational games.

“Developing basic math skills through games makes learning math fun right from the beginning.  It is time to start STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) sooner rather then waiting until it is too late and kids are turned off to these subjects,” states Carrie Scheiner, Creator of Exploracise®.

This ball is unique because it ties the numbers to the shapes by having the number 3 in a triangle and even the number 9 in a nonagon.  In just one simple educational toy, children see numbers and shapes with the words spelled out and dots to count.  A booklet is included that gives instructions for fun games to get parents or teachers started on the infinite possibilities. “One day we will have kindergarteners knowing what a heptagon is on their first day of school.  We are just so passionate about making learning fun through active games and watching the success,” shares Ms. Scheiner.

The My First Numbers and Shapes Math Ball is paired with the Spanish Bilingual Numbers and Shapes Baseball as part of the My First Math Ball Bundle helping kids get ahead of the curve.  Exploracise® is developing quality educational products and programs that teach children math through active play.  Scientific research shows there is a critical link between academic performance and physical activity.  Learning through interactive educational experiences increases the retention and recall of concepts while improving overall health. 

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Carrie Scheiner, the founder of Exploracise®, was inspired by her own children to develop the first Exploracise® program that creatively teaches math facts during a complete workout.  Ms. Scheiner created the award winning Exploracise® products and programs by bringing her math education background, passion for helping children and corporate expertise together developing solutions for quality screentime, increased physical activity and kids education.

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