A new project-based learning program encourages research, discovery and creative collaboration.

The Smithsonian Center for Education and Museum Studies started Smithsonian Quests, the online resource awards digital badges to students upon completion of their activities. The projects are aimed at students of various grade levels, and can be done as part of classroom lessons or independently. 

To earn digital badges, students complete a series of online activities and submit their work for review by Smithsonian education experts. All quests engage students in exploring a topic of interest, either as part of a formal standards-aligned school curriculum or as a student-driven after school activity.

Activities offered include subjects such as creative writing, photography, oral histories, and graph-making. The cross-curricular, standards-aligned programs are intended to prepare students for college and future careers by incorporating knowledge and skill-building into the quests, according to a Smithsonian release.

The Smithsonian Quests badges are integrated with material from the Smithsonian Online Education Conferences. The first badges aligned with the 2013 Smithsonian Online Education Conference Series, “Community Historian” and “Portrait Reader,” debuted Wednesday.

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