The internet is not simply the home of procrastination. It is, actually, but for those who want to use its sheer vastness to simply get ahead there are also a whole range of apps out there which can help with that too. Google is at the forefront of making this a possibility. Through Google Chrome and Google Play, the organisation is making sure that kids all ages can get something useful from their on-line time than games, twitter and Facebook. Here is a selection of ten of the very best apps that can be accessed through their services. 

StayFocusd: Anybody who ever tried to study know that focus is an incredibly difficult skill to achieve. In the past when only TV and radio were the main distractors, focusing was difficult enough. Now with the unrelenting wave of information that comes at your through your Mac, tablet, PC, or phone, there really is no escape from distraction. This app for Google Chrome allows you to set up a restriction on entire sites, or parts of them, for periods of time that you pre-set yourself. 

A Fact Every Day! 365 Fun Facts for Kids: This is a great app for younger kids that is available through Google Play. A fact a day is delivered to your kid’s mobile device and they can then share them rapidly via email or Facebook. All facts are kid friendly and complimented with narration and cool illustrations. 

Read Later Fast: This smart little app for Chrome enables a right click menu option when you are browsing on-line that allows you to save or link to a webpage directly from the app. When you don’t have time to take everything in at once this is a great way to delve through a lot of information and to then use the app later to filter out the really useful stuff. Never again will you have too many open tabs! 

How to Draw: Angry Birds: There cannot be many apps that have played their part in distracting people the world over than the game Angry Birds. Some might consider this one, available on Google Play, to be a distraction too, but it is great for those budding artists out there. One of those tricky, fun ways to get kids learning without them even realizing it. 

Barefoot World Atlas: Based on the hardback atlas of the same name this is a great app for those with an interest in geography. Kids can virtually travel all over the world, learning as they go. The experience is brought to life with photos, illustrations, 3D models, and narration from BBC broadcaster Nicholas Crane. The perfect way to instill in them a healthy interest in other countries and cultures. 

Kids Zoo, Animal Sounds and Photos: A really nicely illustrated app for your mobile device which can keep the little ones entertained for hours, making them feel like they are really in the heart of the jungle. 

WordReference: Another good one for Chrome which is especially useful for those learning a foreign language. This adds itself straight onto your toolbar so you no longer have to go searching for a different site when you are looking for a translation. 

Psychology Free: Something for older students, this app from Google Play is a great reference point for those looking to know the basics of psychology. A convenient way to develop an initial interest that could well lead to something much more substantial. 

PlayArt by Tapook: A really interesting way to develop a child’s interest in art and its history. Using real life images of classic works this app let’s kids play around with Van Gogh, Monet and Cezanne. They are encouraged to better the great masters with alterations of their own and there are also videos about some of the artists’ lives, all of which are narrated by kids. 

Bambi: Disney Classics: This is just one example from a range of apps offered by Disney. The artwork is beautiful, classic Disney and the interactive games and exercises that go along with the story make this something that your kids will be able to get lost in for hours. A lovely window into a time when entertainment was all a little bit more gentle.

Study BiologyGuest Post by Alisha Webb on behalf of Conosco – IT service provider.

Alisha Webb is British writer working out of Barcelona, Spain. She holds an MA in Creative Writing. Her poetry and short-fiction have been published extensively across the world. She is a keen traveler, reader, and moviegoer.

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