We love our children. We want the best for them. As soon as they are born they start growing and the learning process begins. They go through many phases in all areas of life: mentally, physically,  emotionally and sexually.  They have so much to learn about life. Some of the phases can be challenging for your children….. and for you. They start out expressing their physical needs of hunger and comfort. They learn from experience, achievement, fun, bonding, curiosity, play, excitement, laughter, communication, movement, social interaction, skill mastery, love, hugs and more in the process of growing up.

There are many tools and resources available to help our children in this process. There is so much to learn. Every child comes with a blank slate for every experience. Every lesson is stored in the development of their brain. Growing means learning.   

What is the goal of “learning” and education in our school system?  Is the goal of learning to spell, to do math problems, how to read, how to write, how to memorize information to do well on the tests, to make good grades and just to say they made good grades? Is it learning how to sit down and be quiet for teacher-lead instruction?  What do we all want for our children? Why do parents spend time and money on learning resources?

The end goal, I believe, is to have happy, successful, independent adults, with skills to earn enough money to be self-supporting and make their own way in the world. We want them to know basic life skills.  We want them to know how to manage their lives, their finances, have marketable skills and keep a job or start their own business.

Kids nowadays are getting two educations: one from the culture and one from school. The two are at odds and the students are caught in the middle. It seems that “education from culture” is more profound than in any time since the start of the industrial revolution.

So what is a parent to do?

  • Treat your children differently according to their personality.
  • Limit their time on “screens” to spend more time in face-to-face communication and interaction with adults. 
  • Gradually move away from parental control to personal responsibility.
  • Treat your home as the best learning environment for your children to be successful. The main responsibility for training your children is best not placed on the schools, the community, or any religious organization. The one institution that has the most influence on your children is their family, and  especially YOU.
  • Teach them practical day-to-day life skills.
  • Help them discover their strengths, gifts and talents.
  • Provide opportunities to practice maturity.

As parents, we have the opportunity for the implantation and development of attitudes, values, philosophy of life, habits, temperaments, sense of responsibility, dependability, and more. The end goal and learning for your children is to have happy, productive, and useful lives. 

Jane Moughon, M.S., CPC

Jane Moughon, M.S., CPC

Founder of Directions to Success, Inc., a nonprofit and Directions for Teens and Young Adults, LLC., Certified Coach, Speaker and Teen Employment Specialist. Classes for real life, education coaching and college major/career choice assessments for success in school, life and career.

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