Scientific American reports that a federally funded programs seeks to train 100,000 STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) teachers.

Top tier 1 research universities such as Stanford, Harvard and MIT, are joining the the White House lef effort to train 100,000 STEM teachers by the year 2022.

Howard Hughes Medical Institute gave a grant of $22.5 million which makes it possible to expand a successful teacher-training program called UTeach to 10 top research schools  over the next five years.

“Historically, Tier 1 universities have not been focused on turning out teachers through their science and math departments,” said Tom Luce, the founding CEO and chairman of the National Math and Science Initiative, the group that is leading the expansion effort, in an interview following Monday morning’s announcement. They are focused on turning out PhD students, and they will continue to do so, he said, but the gift will help emphasize that educating new teachers is a mission that all universities “need to embrace if we’re going to reach our goal.”

According to the issue about training new teachers who are qualified in science, technology, engineering and mathematics is this:

” STEM focuses on student’s engagement and skills from the earliest grades in science, math and technology to help foster interest for their later school years and careers. The ultimate goal is to grow the proficiency level of students in sciences and mathematics.

As the 21st century global marketplace changes, students must excel in science, math, technology and engineering to become a contributor to the marketplace. In fact, high tech companies have jobs that they can not fill today due to a lack of qualified candidates. As the demand for scientists and mathematicians is projected to grow dramatically with the importance of alternative energy and global warming, the number of students going into these fields is not growing at a comparable rate. Over 50% of 8th graders receive instruction from a science and math teacher who does not hold a degree in that field. The teacher is in a position where they need to focus on the lesson and have difficulty infusing real world examples that would help the student’s frame of reference.”

Thus it is critical that this grant help train 100,000 STEM teachers.

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