Given the questions we receive on parenting an ADHD child we asked one of our ADHD experts to write this article for you entitled the 3 Best Tips to Successfully Parent Your ADHD Child. Dr. Kevin Ross Emery has generously provided some material from his book described below.

So many of the difficulties that accompany ADHD stem from a lack of understanding of what is really going on in the world of these individuals. For the mind of the ADHD person, and the people by whom they are supported, there are a plethora of things that exacerbate their gift into a curse.

What else could be expected when someone is forced to fit into an unaccommodating world? Issues are created when the ADHD person is forced to live in the non-ADD/HD world, because there is a lack of understanding by those who are not ADD/HD to understand the challenges that ADD/HD people have. Here are the 3 best tips to successfully parent your adhd child that I will share with you out of my “Managing the Gift of your ADD/HD Child” book.

Managing Diet

One of the 3 best tips to successfully parent your adhd child is to manage diet. There are many food triggers that can cause your high-energy child to become an out of control hyper one. There are just as many triggers that come from what they eat, as come from what they do not eat. The chemicals and additives found in processed foods are often the worst of these triggers.

Therefore, the less processed foods that your child consumes, the better off you will both be and this is a critical tip amongst the 3 best tips to successfully parent an ADHD child. Eating smaller meals more often, tends to work well when considering the 3 best tips to successfully parent your ADHD child.

Also there are a number of key essential nutrients and vitamins that are sorely lacking in the average American diet, that are necessary. One of the key components that can be the most difficult is observation. In both of my books on ADD/HD, I give a suspect list included in the 3 best tips to successfully parent your ADHD child that you should pay attention to since things vary from child to child.

Either through observing the relationship between what they eat and out of control behavior, or by doing the elimination diet, you can really fine-tune the best diet for your child. However, definitely keep an eye on such things as high fructose corn syrup, MSG, food dyes, processed sugars, soda, fast food and excessive dairy or wheat.

Managing Environment

Different environments work better for different ADD/HD individuals which is why the environment is crucial among the 3 best tips to successfully parent your ADHD child. For some, having a million things going on is the only way to focus. For others, it needs to be completely quiet with as little distraction as possible. Although the usually tendency is to be one way or the other, there are those individuals with whom both practices may be equally effective. Sometimes, it can also be dependent upon what they are trying to hyper focus on, and/or accomplish. Managing environment is paramount and considered to be one of the 3 best tips to successfully parent your ADHD child.

Understanding that your child’s learning style is going to be kinesthetic in nature, is key to their success. Whether they are kinesthetic-audio or kinesthetic-visual, they need environments that support that learning style and this is the another of the managing environment components within the 3 best tips to successfully parent your ADHD child.

Remember that the ADD/HD brain has two settings: hyper focus or multi-task. There are some common threads about environmental awareness that I can share. Do your best to avoid fluorescent lights and areas where there are lots of chemicals in the air, especially when they smell good. Work with, not against, their natural high energy.

Keep them moving, talking and being able to interact with what is going on. Use moving meditations to get them, and keep them, grounded and centered. Some of the ADD/HD shades on the Dr Kevin rainbow, actually function better with activities that simulate motion.

These include such activities as video games or even just riding in the car. These activities will allow some shades to process and integrate. However, for the other shades, activities like video games or being stuck in a car can make thing worse. So for those shades, the moving meditations are actual physical activities like sports and to be considered in the 3 best tips to successfully parent your adhd child.

Managing expectations

There are many different ways to manage ADD/HD within your child.  The first thing to keep in mind, no matter what you are doing, is to not wind them up by being wound up yourself when you are interacting with them. This then, is considered among the 3 best tips to successfully parent your ADHD child.

Instead of just telling them how something is or is going to be, you should involve them as much as possible in decision-making and problem solving. When there is something that they are looking forward to, talk about options of what could happen, instead of whatever it is that didn’t happen.

Whenever possible, keep them out of hyper focus mode and into multi tasking, interactive space mode while helping learn how to go with the flow about upcoming things. When there is so much that can be managed, understood and worked with about this evolutionary process we call ADD/HD, why medicate?


3 best tips to successfully parent your adhd child     ADD-ADHD authority Dr. Kevin Ross Emery is an international speaker and the author of “Managing the Gift of your ADD/HD Child” and “Managing the Gift: Alternative Approaches to Attention Deficit Disorder.” He is also developer of the “Managing the Gift” App designed to help adolescent caregivers uncover and capitalize on distinct strengths, abilities and opportunities specific to each given child living with ADD/HD. Dr. Emery  may be reached online at Emery is an expert on the 3 best tips to successfully parent your ADHD child.