Most states are much closer to implementing the Common Core State Standards, however, some states are reconsidering their options due to a number of factors.

“Teacher training is expensive says Michael Horn, co-founder and executive director of the nonpartisan think tank, Innosight Institute. Officials in Alabama have withdrawn from the testing consortium associated with the common core, and voters in Indiana last year ousted education commissioner and common core supporter Tony Bennett. Horn says he expects more states to “fully exit” the common core in coming months.

On’s website Horn has this to say: “We will see more states reconsider their position to implement the Common Core, especially as the costs of adoption and the process of training teachers become clearer,” says Michael Horn, cofounder and executive director of Innosight Institute, a nonpartisan think tank. “The issue of online assessments might also cause some states to reconsider their position.”

The Common Core is drawing more and more criticism from states such as New York who believe their test scores will decline under the new program.

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As a college professor, Wyman has some rather strong opinions on the Common Core.