People often write and ask us how to avoid admission essay writing mistakes and at we provide them with five of the best tips to compose outstanding essays.

Colleges and Universities often use admission essay writing as one of the main distinguishing factors if all other admission criteria is the same.

1. Consult an expert on grammar at your high school to ensure that your essay does not contain any grammatical errors.

One of the quickest ways to get your essay removed from the short list of applicants to college, is to have grammar errors like run on sentences and other grammar errors. In this case the computer grammar checker is never good enough – you will want to ask your English teacher at your high school to review your essay for any grammar errors. My best suggestion is that you also ask two other grammar experts to review your essay as well. This can mean the difference between admission to college or not and is one of the best ways to understand how to avoid admission essay writing mistakes.

2. The second tip on how to avoid admission essay writing mistakes is to make certain your sentences are not repetitive.

Sometimes, students write, and then repeat themselves. For example, students may be repetitive in their writing. This is something you will want to read your essay for and ensure that there are no repetitive sentences. It’s quality over quantity if you want to learn how to avoid essay writing mistakes.

3. Determine whether the admission essay writing prompt allows you to include personal information about yourself during your admission essay writing.

I remember when my daughter wrote her admissions essay to get into medical school. The prompt was such that it allowed her to include personal information about herself, and her essay was so inspiring and authentic, she was accepted into medical school. Of course, your grades and admission exam scores matter; however in today’s competitive world, most students tend to have the same high grades and test scores so it is your best interest to learn how to avoid admission essay writing mistakes when applying to college or graduate school.

Prompts tend to be fairly general, so you have a lot of leeway when you write. Read the prompt carefully and consider whether or not you have a compelling story that includes personal information about yourself. People on the admissions’ committee will often relate to your more when your “why” for attending their school is strong enough.

4. The fourth tip on how to avoid admission essay writing mistakes is to record someone else reading your essay aloud and ask yourself whether the introduction and conclusion make sense.

As an author, I find that having someone else read my work aloud to me, helps me remove myself from the subject just enough to know whether I’ve stayed on the topic I was writing about and if the introduction and conclusion did what they were intended to do. Strong introductions lay out your message and hook the reader into wanting to read more. Conclusions are designed to wrap up everything you’ve said in a neat and clean way. I suggest that you literally have your teacher, parent or friend read your essay aloud and record it for you, so you can easily make revisions as soon as you hear something that is not clear or concise. It will make you a better writer.

5. The final tip on how to avoid admission essay writing mistakes is the obvious one. Make sure you read the prompt carefully and stay on topic.

While this tip on how to avoid essay writing mistakes may seem simplistic, it is the one that if not followed, gets essays tossed out of the admissions process the most quickly. Remember, read your prompt carefully, outline what you are going to say, and ensure that you’ve addressed the prompt directly. Don’t wander off in your writing style and write “around” the topic – make sure that each and every sentence is specifically directed to the topic.

As you learn how to avoid admission essay writing mistakes you of course will learn not to rely on your computer spell-checker alone, you will dissect each sentence, asking whether or not it is on the topic provided to you, and you will make sure that one or more teachers review your essay before submission. While there are countless essay buying sites out there, as an educator, I highly recommend that you avoid them all and learn how to write, as it will help you express yourself better throughout your lifetime. The stakes are high when getting into college and following these five tips will help your on your chosen path to college.

Pat WymanPat Wyman is a college professor, learning expert and the best selling author of Instant Learning for Amazing Grades, a complete study skills system for students in grades 1-8 and Amazing Grades:101 Best Ways To Improve Your Grades Faster for high school and college students. She is an expert on helping students learn how to avoid admission essay writing mistakes.