Importance Of Education In a Country’s Progress

Human beings today need to have a specific set of skills to survive in this competitive world as well as progress and this article shows the importance of education in a country’s progress.

This set of skills can be referred to as Education.

Education is very important for a country to grow.

Whether it is economically or socially, or emotionally, education plays a vital role in a country’s progress.

Here are 9 Ways in Which Education Helps in a Country’s Progress

1. Education Helps People Become Better Citizens

Importance Of Education In a Country’s ProgressEducated people are aware of the socio-economic scenario of the country and can help in the progress of the country.

Whether it is a simple thing like using water sparingly or taking a bus to work instead of using the bike or car in order to save fuel, the educated mass  knows how to contribute towards the country’s well-being.

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One of the reasons for their awareness is because they have been taught these values in school, colleges and work places.

People who aren’t educated don’t have clues about these facts as they haven’t been in a learning environment.

2. Education Shows The Importance Of Voting

Importance Of Education In a Country’s ProgressEducation informs voters.

It helps to decide whom to vote for in order to make a difference in the economy of a country positively.

Being educated helps in deciding why to vote for a particular party over the other.

Uneducated people are unaware of the importance of choosing the right people to vote for. Hence, being educated shows us the importance of voting.

3. Education Helps in Getting Jobs

Importance Of Education In a Country’s ProgressIt goes without saying that unless a person is educated, he or she cannot get a worthwhile job.

College graduates are paid much more than those without a college degree and continue to support the economy well by paying more taxes and purchasing more goods.

Unemployment is a serious obstacle in the development and progress in a country’s economic status, thus posing a hindrance to the growth of the nation.

The economic status of so many countries in the world is very sad, due to the lack of uneducated people who do not possess adequate skills and thus are unemployed.

Yet when more education is offered, either online or in traditional schools, the country benefits immeasurably.

As an example, here’s a course that shows students how to learn anything faster, double their reading speed and remember everything. When students know ‘how to learn’, which is something that most schools do not teach, they have a huge competitive advantage in school.

4. Education Helps Single Mothers

Importance Of Education In a Country’s ProgressSingle mothers who aren’t educated cannot get a decent job to support their children, which is a necessity in their situations.

Being educated can help a single mom find a better job as well as make her aware of various types of help such as child support benefits and other agencies that can help her children.

This can help single moms bring up their children and help them become responsible citizens of the country.

5. Education Helps Reduce Poverty

Importance Of Education In a Country’s ProgressPeople who live in extreme poverty are not in an ideal situation to contribute to a country’s progress.

Often, they do not even have basic reading and writing skills. But speed reading courses, once people are reading, can give the a competitive edge in learning and remembering new information more quickly, thus increasing wages.

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Education is the cure for extreme poverty and the higher the level of education the more a country can progress.

6. Education Equalizes Inequality

Importance Of Education In a Country’s ProgressEducation is one of the best equalizers.

If a country wants to ensure that there are equal opportunities for everyone regardless of race, gender or social class, equal access to education is necessary.

Education provides more access to better jobs as well as improves options for girls and women who may be underserved in some countries.

7. Education Helps Economic Growth

Importance Of Education In a Country’s ProgressCountries with high literacy rates have citizens with high per capita income according to all national reports.

However, countries which are still developing, usually have very high illiteracy rates.

Even in the United States, more than 60% of students, according to the NAEP, still do not read at grade level.

These students benefit from methods to find out why they struggle to read and how to help them, which in turn means it helps the country’s progress.

8. Education Reduces Gender Based Violence

Importance Of Education In a Country’s ProgressIn many countries, gender based violence hinders a girl’s right to an education.

When girls live in fear, it deters them from going to school, so education of the population helps change people’s mindset, which will discourage violence.

9. Education Reduces Maternal Death Rates

Importance Of Education In a Country’s ProgressIn countries that are more highly educated, maternal death rates are reduced.

Mothers then can live longer, attend school and help raise themselves and their children out of poverty, thus increasing a country’s progress.

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Sophie Samuel is a blogger from London in UK.

She loves kids and therefore loves to write articles related to children.  As a single mother, she took up writing as her profession to meet the educational expenses of her kids and the family.

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