Educators are now saying that iPads increase math engagement for students. At a middle school in Pismo Beach, CA, students use iPads instead of paper and pencil to do math. “They put forth 10 times the amount of effort,” says teacher Kristi Fuller.

iPads increase math engagement for students and make math more exciting for them as well. Pacific Gas and Electric Co. gave Judkins Middle School in Pismo Beach $20,000 in grant funding to purchase the iPads.

“I’m more comfortable with electronics than I am with a pencil,” Jeremiah Rodriguez, 12, said.

Students and staff members at the Pismo Beach school said the devices have led to greater enthusiasm to practice math skills as well as knowing the iPads increase math engagement for students.

Seventh-graders used the iPads in a quiz Tuesday to graph linear equations and inequalities during their fourth period math class.

Camille Davis, a 12-year-old in the class, said the opportunity to use iPads makes math more engaging for students like her who do not enjoy the subject area.

“It makes fourth period a lot more fun,” she said, thus illustrating that iPads increase math engagement for students.

Judkins Principal Ian Penton said in a school with a student population composed of more than 50 percent of students in the free and reduced-cost lunch program, iPads are a resource many cannot access at home.

“Just the novelty of the technology makes math more exciting,” Penton said.

Russell Fillerup, 13, said he had used an iPad before his school acquired them but that having iPads in school makes learning more interesting.

“I like it a lot better,” Russell said. “It’s more interesting, and you kind of get to do more stuff.”

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