The iPhone is one of the most-used electronic gadgets today.  Nowadays, many of the people that you might encounter will be carrying around an iPhone, from local people to businesses…even kids!

Yes. Even kids as young as one to three years old now can benefit from having an iPhone in their hands. And thanks to Apple’s strict policies regarding adult content, it’s perfectly safe for a child to browse the App Store and find an app that is safe for a child, and also fun. 

As a toy 

The small scale of the iPhone makes it easy for children to grasp it with their hands, and the touchscreen controls of it makes it very easy for the child to navigate around it. With the proper app, the iPhone completely transforms into an interesting toy that the child can play with, so if you’re planning to let a child play around with your iPhone, make sure that the games that you include in it are very easy for a child to play with, and overall, fun. 

As a learning tool 

However, most of us would want our child to learn, while having fun with it. Fortunately, there are also apps built for the iPhone that not only lets a child play with it, they also learn new things, such as the alphabet, counting numbers, learn new words, etc. Keep also in mind that the iPhone itself can also read e-books, so while the small screen of the iPhone is not efficient for adults to read a, for example, a novel, it can be great for the kids to enjoy reading a picture book. 

Choose Wisely 

With so many apps around, it can be very hard for someone to choose an app that is perfect for the kids. Though here are some guidelines when choosing the app for your kids. 

It must be fun. Since kids are very happy over simple things, it’s important that the app you choose for your children is easy to pick up and play, yet be enjoyable enough for your toddler to keep on playing it. Also, if you want, you can also get an app that not only lets the kids have some fun, but they’re also learning while they’re at it. Also, avoid those kinds of apps that either bore the child, or even worse, frustrate the child even more. Remember, the objective of letting your child borrow your iPhone is for your child to have fun. So choose those apps that will surely make your child busy having fun. 


Compared to most video game titles, which costs quite a lot, a mere, iPhone app can only cost you just a few dollars at best, and many more of them are still free. This is a great deal for you to stock up on many apps that your kids can enjoy, so that your toddlers can easily pick up and choose which app that they want to play with. 

Therefore, it’s really a good idea to let your child borrow your iPhone from time to time, thanks to all of the new apps around that are not only fun, they’re also educational. 

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