Parents and students at a Virginia elementary school are learning about the fun side of math and science.

Mack Benn Jr. Elementary School students and parents pushed aside their textbooks last Tuesday for an evening of scientific discovery and mathematical problem solving with pizzas, marine animals and even a Van de Graaff ball.

Called Math and Science Alive, the event included practical demonstrations and activities presented by businesses and groups including BASF, the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center and Surry’s nuclear power plant.

“It was to allow parents and students to work together and see how math and science can be fun,” said gifted resource teacher Elizabeth Petry, the event’s organizer.

“Some of the activities were things we do in schools, to let parents know what students do besides just reading a book.”

Between 100 and 150 parents enjoyed the event with their children, Petry said.

The first activity, Mathematical Pizzas, had groups of four learn the exact quantities of ingredients to go on their circles of dough by solving math problems.

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The Fun Side Of Math And Science