Just published is a book based on a true story that helps teach acceptance of children from all cultures.

A story that every girl dreams about – about becoming a princess. 

While at The Learning Experience® (TLE®), a national academy of early education for children aged 6 weeks to 6 years, Lydia, an African-American girl, shared with classmates that she wanted to be a princess. She was immediately told by her peers that she wasn’t “white enough” and her hair wasn’t “long enough” to be a princess. A deflated Lydia was comforted by TLE® center director Shelly Coss who heard about the incident and decided to go a step further and teach the youngsters that anyone can grow up to be anything they wanted to be regardless of race or hair length. Shelly even showed the class pictures of princesses from all over the world. 

New Book Teaches Social AcceptanceLydia’s mother, Rita Hutchings, heard about the extra effort that was put forth by the TLE® Wayne, New Jersey, center staff which inspired her to write Princess Me: Every Girl Can Be A Little Princess. 

‘Princess Me’ is a feel-good story for girls. It’s about a sweet little girl who, like many young girls, has fantasies about being a little princess. However ‘Princess Me’ was told that she could not be a princess as she did not have certain physical attributes, as portrayed by the media. Not only did this make ‘Princess Me’ sad, it also made her doubt that she could aspire to be something she loved because of her physical appearance. Through interactions with her family and teacher, ‘Princess Me’ learns a valuable lesson that all girls must: there is more to being a princess than what meets the eye. This book teaches children social acceptance – regardless of their physical attributes – and the beauty of positive behavior and characteristics, all of which, when applied, encourages self esteem. Filled with colorful and eye-catching pictures, and hidden inspirational messages, ‘Princess Me’ is an engaging way to show kids that it’s okay to be different. This book is dedicated to teaching children the true meaning of beauty.

In her book, Rita acknowledges The Learning Experience writing, “Many thanks [must go] to the staff at the Learning Experience Academy of Early Education who promote respect, acceptance and appreciation of the rich diversity of children from all cultures. They provide a nurturing, safe and happy environment exposing children to a wide array of cultural backgrounds at an early age, while encouraging an open-minded viewpoint for the future.” 

As background, The Learning Experience® is the country’s fastest growing early learning academy for children 6 weeks to 6 years old with over 175 centers nationwide. With a greater national emphasis on educational development during the first six years of a child’s growth, TLE® prepares children academically and socially via innovative scholastic and enrichment programs such as L.E.A.P® curriculum, a cutting-edge proprietary approach to learning which has 90 percent of TLE® children graduating preschool reading at a Kindergarten or greater level. To complement the academic portion, various enrichment programs crucial to advancing learning and overall balance will be discussed and demonstrated, such as baby yoga, music, physical fitness, manners and etiquette, philanthropy and Spanish language.

For more information about TLE® centers and programs, please visit TheLearningExperience.com.

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