In addition, all K-6 Teacher’s Guides are aligned to the 6th rev. edition of The Writing Road to Reading. Third editions of the Teacher’s Guides feature expanded teacher tips in lesson planning; amplified definitions and more example sentences in the objectives; literatureselections for teaching reading concepts; more opportunities for children to practice writing paragraphs and compositions; and expanded reading objectives. These new guides are $68, but customers replacing previous editions can order them for the discounted rate of $47.60 by using coupon code NewTG. 

PHOENIX, March 13, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Within approximately a year, Spalding Education International’s (SEI) kindergarten through sixth grade Teacher’s Guides will all be aligned to Common Core Standards. All guides will align to the 6th revised edition of “The Writing Road to Reading” and come in a smaller, more convenient size than previous editions. 

The kindergarten and first grade guides are now available. Second and third grade will be released by summer. The 2nd edition of the fourth, fifth and sixth grade Teacher’s Guides will be released next. Subsequent 3rd editions, aligned to Common Core, will be completed in early 2014. 

SEI Executive Director for Educational Services Janie Carnal said that making the Teacher’s Guides align with Common Core terminology only required minor fine-tuning because SEI’s curriculum is already research-based and integrated — two key components of Common Core. 

“While other educational organizations scramble to revise and update curricula to align with the new Common Core Standards, schools using our Method are more prepared because ‘The Writing Road to Reading’ curriculum already fulfills the majority of the Common Core Standards‘ requirements,” said Carnal. “Spalding trained teachers are Common Core ready.” 

Other updates to the 3rdedition Teacher’s Guides include expanded teacher tips in lesson planning; amplified definitions and more example sentences in the objectives (to facilitate lesson planning for teachers); literature selections for teaching reading concepts; more opportunities for children to practice writing paragraphs and compositions; an extended explanation in the Delivering section for teaching word analysis, syllable types, and syllable patterns; and elaborated reading objectives. 

“The new updated Spalding Teacher’s Guide is an invaluable tool when doing my lesson planning,” said Sydna K. Zilm, a Spalding executive trainer and a kindergarten teacher at CTA — Humphrey campus in Chandler, Ariz. “Each week I have a list of the objectives for my students that has been analyzed and approached logically and sequentially. I know that as I go through and teach each of the weekly spelling, writing and reading objectives, I’ve met the Common Core criteria.” 

The new Teacher’s Guides are $68, slightly less than the older editions, but customers replacing previous editions receive a 30 percent discount — reducing the price to $47.60 (use coupon code: NewTG). Each Teacher’s Guide includes 32 weeks of grade level lesson plans, Scope and Sequence sections (so instruction can be adjusted for children needing help and those requiring challenge), instructional procedures, assessment forms, and organizers. 

“The Writing Road to Reading,” an integrated language arts program using the principles of instruction in The Spalding Method, was first published in 1957 by Romalda Spalding. A recent four-year study by Arizona State University shows students using “The Writing Road to Reading” had significantly higher achievement test scores than students using programs from one of the commercial textbook publishers. 

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Spalding Education International (SEI) is dedicated to teaching all students to spell, write and read. The organization was founded in 1986 by Romalda B. Spalding, author of “The Writing Road to Reading” — a comprehensive K-6 total language arts program that closely aligns with the Common Core Standards.

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